That's a good question and I don't have an answer for it. The old
standby of "Elves tend to not stick with anything for too long"
partially answers it, but not completely. Maybe elves aren't really
immortal, just immortal in the eyes of human?

Ideas anyone?


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> They can be killed, they just don't die of old age. Comes in handy
> for
> those archmages... >>
> This brings up an interesting point...if Elves are eternal, how come
> there
> aren't scads of 20th and 30th level characters running around? I
> realize
> advancement is slow at higher levels, but when you have millenia to
> work with,
> who cares? There ought to be at least a few ultra-powerful characters
> around,
> which I'm not sure I like in a world that has a lot of appeal due to
> its being
> "low powered". And another thing...if elves can be so powerful how
> come they
> let the short-lived mortal humans walk all over them?
> Allright, allright, I may be asking rhetorical questions, my point is
> just
> that having a race of immortals presents some problems. How have
> others dealt
> with it?
> Kevin M.
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> cheese."
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