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    Question about Elves...

    On Mon, 26 Jan 1998, Erik M Samhammer wrote:
    > 1) I read that the elves are immortal. does that strike anyone as a
    > little odd?

    There has been a lot about every one of the societies - elven, dwarven,
    this realm, that realm- which have struck me as a lttle odd. My take on
    it is to play the game the way I want, but to take the published material
    as the way the culture in question sees itself.

    So the elves consider themselves immortal comapared to the short-lived
    races. The dwarves believe their justice system is rarely needed, because
    they rarely have recourse the kinds of methods of justice employed by
    humans. Dwarven "crime" is group on group, not individual on individual
    as so many human crimes are. Perhaps the dwarves think littering (p. 14)
    is as serious as their public order problems gets, but to outsiders the
    guild wars, clan feuds, and gang bangs are the public order problems
    faced by dwarves.

    Kenneth Gauck

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    Question about Elves...

    I believe there is a statement in the atlas of Cerilia, which states that the
    Vos were swayed to Azrai by the harshness of the land they settled in, which
    made the disciplines of divination and illusion seem too weak for them, so
    they turned away from Vorynn.

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    Neil Barnes

    Question about Elves...

    On Thu, 29 Jan 1998, Darkstar wrote:
    > In the Tribe of the Heartless Waste Expansion it seems to indicate more
    > that the Vos were corrupted by Azari before they came to Cerilia. That
    > they desired Azari's might and attacked the other tribes in Aduria first
    > and then later in Cerilia.
    > Also in the history it says that the war of the shadow was fought
    > between the Vos/Goblins/Orogs vs all the other races, with no mention of
    > any of the old empires attending at all.

    Whose history is it? I'm sure if Ed was writing from the point of view
    of (say) a Vos shaman, then the history would differ quite a lot from
    the Anuirean version of events.


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    Question about Elves...

    About elven mages,

    There where far more elves using magic then there were human priests because
    what we get out of the books the Iron Throne and Great Heart. It says that
    all elves where taught some magic all the warriors new some spells and to
    become a human priest it to acceptance into a great university to study for
    years and few where accepted. So before Deismar there had to be more Elven

    Erik Samhammer

    I have always thought that Vorynn's followers were mere magicians. The
    difference between elven wizards and human priests is a matter of numbers,
    so much else. There were reletively few elven wizards compared to many human
    priests. And with specialty priests having access to all kinds of spells and
    powers, they could almost wield similar power to wizards. So, the great
    numbers of humans, their magicians, and priests were able to overwelm the
    numbers of elves and their few wizards, despite their power.


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