Hi everyone,

you must forgive me, but i too am pretty new to Birthright. i
just have a couple questions.

1) I read that the elves are immortal. does that strike anyone as a
little odd? not only odd, but i think it a little strange to have
immortal pc's and npc's running around. if this is true, than think of
all the elven kingdoms... they could possibly have to same ruler/regent
since before Deismaar!! is there a particular way the elves run their
government, so that the same elf doesn't rule forever? i am only a high
school senior, and not having much money to throw around, i have only
been able to pick up a few accessories. (that's kinda why i joined this
list) but in everything i have read, nothing really goes into detail on
elven ruling. does this mean that the DM and PC's are up to their own to
come up with a way of government?

2) And has anyone tried out sierra's computer game, Birthright - The
Gorgons Alliance? i have, and i was a little dissappointed. any thoughts?

thats about it for now. thanks.
Erik Samhammer

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