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> The muster cost for this unit would be (if the going rate of 2000gp for
> a suit of full plate armour is correct and assuming 100 knights per
> unit) over 100GB (1GB per man just for the full plate, and this isn't a
> modern industrial world; it doesn't get cheaper when you buy in bulk).
> Then you have to figure the cost of barding, probably another 25 or
> 50GB. Any regent with this kind of cash to *spare* is probably having to
> put down revolts left and right.

This presumes your creating a unit of knights out of whole cloth. You are
right to point out that this is ludicrous. But, knights were not raised
that way. Knights were free soldiers offered a small fief (large enough
that over time a knight could afford to keep his armor, horse, and gear
ready for service). The muster costs in the BR rulebook really assumes
calling up a bunch of ready made warriors, not training and equiping them.
The rulebook (p. 61) requires a level 4 province to muster knights. I
also limit, to one, the number of knights that can be in existance per
eligable province. So, Coeranys could only have two companies of knights
at one time.

Also I limit the number of elite infantry and longbowmen and artillerits.
These others are more difficult. Elite infantry is 1 per eligeable
province modified by my estimation of the number of experienced soldiers.
Longbowmen is based on 2 per eligable plus 1 per ineligable provinces
modified by the prevalance of the longbow as a weapon (as opposed to the
crossbow or shortbow) there. I would rule that Medoere could raise 6
longbowmen, but Coeranys only 7. Coeranys is horse country. Artillerists
are limited to the number of cities in eligable provinces, with a bit of
flexibility. For one thing, this creates a need for mercenaries if you
want alot of one type of troop or an army larger than a certain size.

Kenneth Gauck