The fighter/warrior nomenclature still throws off this old player who grew
up with the 1st edition. Thanks for the clarification, I must have
wondered about that every time I looked at the chart. Fortunatly, since
my campaign is dwarven I have no paladins, and thus no rules
clarification for my players.

You know, I've been reading the posts on "a Champion for Medoere" and have
some ideas.

1) A paladin of Haelyn and Ruornil, devoted to the ethics, dignity, and
law of Haelyn, but also of Ruornil's battle against the encroachment of
the shadow world. Such a character would be almost unique. This paladin
would lack the weapon of choice of Haelyn's regular paladins. Instead
there would be two kits available:
a) Votary (as per Paladin's guide) with following notes. May own
no possessions aside from weapons and armor and a minimum of supplies.
Spell casting begins at 6th level and contines as a paladin three levels
higher. The selected hated "faith" would be the Shadow (Azrai) and
the paladin would recieve a +4 to hit against known followers.
Priests of all other faiths make reaction checks at -2 (lawful
good) -3 (NG or LN) or -4 (everyone else), results can be no better than
Indifferent (LG, NG, LN) or Cautious, tithe is 50%, may not build a
stronghold, may not hire henchmen.
b) Ghosthunter (as per Paladin's guide) granted the power to
dispel evil once per day per five levels starting at 5th, 10-14th twice
&c, 95% immunity to paralysis caused by undead, granted power to remove
paralysis twice per day plus once per five levels, five times at 10-14th
&c, turns undead as cleric of same level, cannot lay on hands, cannot cast
spells, no immunity to disease, can't cure disease

2) or a Paladin of Avani (depending on how Avani and Ruornil get along in
your campaign) with the Inquisitor kit (as per Paladin's guide)
Non-Weapon: (required) spellcraft, (recommended) astrology, languages,
Special: can detect magic when cast by evil caster, at 3rd level
is granted the power to dispel magic when cast by evil caster once per
three levels per day, twice at 6-8 &c, 80% +1/level resistance to
illusuions, 90% immunity to mental control and possession, can't lay on
hands, can't cast spells, can't turn undead, can't cure disease though is
still immune personally, requires an INT of 11

3) a ranger devoted to Ruornil who roams Medoere by night keerping watch.
especially good in a campaign where the Spider is active.

Ruornil should not typically have paladins, but perhaps in Medoere (given
the theocracy), something like I mentioned would be possible. The
Player's Secrets simply says a Paladin who belives in Ruornil, so my
suggestion of a paladin of Haelyn with a secondary dedication to Ruornil,
which would imply either the Votary or Ghosthunter, seems reasonable.


Kenneth Gauck