Hello there,

I recently started a Birthright-campaign and discovered that, spite the
temptation of being regents, barons..., some consideration should be taken
when playing with unexperienced players. Situation : 4 of my 6 players
never played AD&D, 2 play for some years now. The point is : I started the
campaign with peasant-characters and hope to see the day that they put
claim on some land, holding or even kingdom. Though I prefer this way of
getting into the Cerilian World, and the fact that it's benifical for new
AD&D-players to get to know the rules of the game, I don't understand why
the Birthright-designers didn't think of the fact the unexperienced
players can't be able of a)fully comprehend the AD&D-rules + b)the
Birthright-rules concerning domains, war etc. + c)would do good
roleplaying at the same time. Point : DM's mastering birthright for
unexperienced players better let the party start from the bare beginnings
of roleplay in order to master the general rules and then - when time
comes - master those specific birthright-rules concerning kingdoms,
wars... I'd like to know what you out there think about this...