> At 22:43 1/23/98 EST, you wrote:
> >Does elves resistance to charm spells include "Hold person?"
> Yep, it is a 'charm' spell.

No, it does not include "hold person" spells. Elven resistance is to
"charm" spells and effects only, not to all spells from the
enchantment/charm school. Elves are resistant to "sleep" because they
don't sleep in the normal sense, and to "charm" because they relive
past events in their live in their dreams, and thus have stronger
personalities (stronger may be the wrong word, but I can't think of
any better explanation. Check out the Complete Book of Elves for a
better one).
Thus, elves would be resistant to "charm person", "charm person or
mammal", "charm monster", "mass charm" and so on, maybe "scare",
"taunt" and the likes. I would even make a case for "domination"
spells and psionic powers, but I'm not sure about the official rules
on that. Under *no* circumstances are elves resistant to "hold"
spells (though I've seen DM play that way.)

just MHO