James Ray wrote:
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> > From: Phil Burge
> > To: Birthright mailing list
> > Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Re. Paladin of Rournil & poll
> > Date: Saturday, January 17, 1998 1:43 AM
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> > I am currently DMing a BR campaign where the PC's are the rulers of
> > Roesone, Illien, Medeore and a Guild Network. I own the source books for
> > the Domains in question and in that of Medoere a "Champion of Rournil"
> > is mentioned who will be able to use the Holy Avenger in the Medoere
> > Treasury as a Paladin.
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> > I am curious what everybody thinks would be appropriate powers and the
> > necessary stats for such a paladin. Hoping you can help a poor stressed
> > DM,
> Does the Paladin mentioned in the book HAVE to be a Paladin of Ruornil?
> My copy doesnt say so - Holy Avengers are supposed to be specific to
> LG-aligned Paladins, or at least id always thought. I always took the idea
> of the "champion" to mean that a Paladin would come to see a reason and,
> indeed, a NEED to protect and defend Medoere agains the predations of its
> larger and more powerful neighbors, who may or may not have evil
> motivations that ANY Paladin would feel compelled to oppose

I assumed it was to be a Paladin of Ruornil. Isn't the sword only
supposed to work for a holy knight of Ruornil?

I'd have no problem creating an order of Paladin for Ruornil that were
LN. Of course they'd be the Crescent Knights, or an elite order