Then in that way, Hold Person is a mental spell and can be included in
Enchantment/Charm school.

— Elton Robb

Sean Brown wrote:

> Acutally, Hold Person should not be an Enchantment/Charm spell, but an
> evocation/invocation spell. Here is the reason.
> A. It's an attack spell. It is used to hold one person in one place.
> Just because a spell can be used for offense doesn't make it
> invocation..the class a spell is in depends on how it works. THis
> spell uses enchantment to make a humanoid does't call into
> being something that was't there before, essentially out of nothing (as
> I see Inv/Evoc spells working anyway)
> B. It either pits a force to prevent the person from moving (eg.
> gravity) or it
> affects the voluntary nervous system (it prevents signals to be recieved
> by
> skeletal muscles). Either way, a force is invoked in both cases. I
> prefer the
> gravity effect, because Magic is an outside force.
> Actually, you don't need to provide a force at all..the person simply
> becomes incapable of moving...not lke paralysis, cause you'd fall to the
> floor then, but the character is unable to move his/her muscles to
> move..sort of convincing the brain that they don't work
> Sean
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