Acutally, Hold Person should not be an Enchantment/Charm spell, but an
evocation/invocation spell. Here is the reason.

A. It's an attack spell. It is used to hold one person in one place.

B. It either pits a force to prevent the person from moving (eg. gravity) or it
affects the voluntary nervous system (it prevents signals to be recieved by
skeletal muscles). Either way, a force is invoked in both cases. I prefer the
gravity effect, because Magic is an outside force.

At least when it is not channeled through one's brain (heh, heh).

— Elton Robb

Bryan Ruther wrote:

> ANOLESEN wrote:
> > Does elves resistance to charm spells include "Hold person?"
> No. Elven resistance to sleep and charm only applies to spells which work like
> the first level mage spells, Sleep and Charm Person. Holds, Suggestion, and
> any other such spells are not affected. Just because the spell is in the
> Enchantment/Charm school, or part of the Charm sphere, does not, in of itself,
> give an elf resistance to the spell.
> Bryan
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