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> From: Phil Burge
> To: Birthright mailing list
> Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Re. Paladin of Rournil & poll
> Date: Saturday, January 17, 1998 1:43 AM
> I am currently DMing a BR campaign where the PC's are the rulers of
> Roesone, Illien, Medeore and a Guild Network. I own the source books for
> the Domains in question and in that of Medoere a "Champion of Rournil"
> is mentioned who will be able to use the Holy Avenger in the Medoere
> Treasury as a Paladin.
> I am curious what everybody thinks would be appropriate powers and the
> necessary stats for such a paladin. Hoping you can help a poor stressed
> DM,

Does the Paladin mentioned in the book HAVE to be a Paladin of Ruornil?
My copy doesnt say so - Holy Avengers are supposed to be specific to
LG-aligned Paladins, or at least id always thought. I always took the idea
of the "champion" to mean that a Paladin would come to see a reason and,
indeed, a NEED to protect and defend Medoere agains the predations of its
larger and more powerful neighbors, who may or may not have evil
motivations that ANY Paladin would feel compelled to oppose