John Ewan wrote:
> At 22:43 1/23/98 EST, you wrote:
> >Does elves resistance to charm spells include "Hold person?"
> Yep, it is a 'charm' spell.

I wouldn't consider Hold Person a charm spell. Elves have a partial
immunity to charm related spells not necessarily all from the
Enchantment/Charm school. Would they therefore also have resistance to
spells like Confusion or Feeblemind. Charm related is more spells that
attempt to charm a character into doing something he/she wouldn't
normally do (Charm Person, Suggestion, etc).
Another reason against Elves having resistance against Hold Spells is
that it does not mention it in the player handbook as them having this.
It says that they have resistance against Charm and Sleep spells, while
undead in the monster manual are listed as having immunity to charm,
sleep, and hold spells.

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