> Excerpts from mail: 21-Jan-98 birthright-digest V1998 #6 (33183)

> My question, how would this mass assassination be accomplished?
> A team of
> killers slip in at night killing one by one, or a massive bold
> 'day' strike
> by marching troops thru the shadow world and coming out in the
> middle of the
> host regents castle/capital.

The way the Hag did it in my campaign was to poison the wine at a well
attended function with magical "snake eggs". These hatched into
hundreds of little snakes that ate their way out of the host. My
description of the first few to go horrified the players, especially
since 2 of them were affected. The best part was right after the main
"old" regent burst into snakes the Hag's agent (who had planted the
eggs) used a spell to create a image of her that taunted everyone and
thanked the PCs for their help. Boy were they pissed at that and they
still haven't worked through all the ramifications!

I gave everyone who partook a save with the rational that some of the
eggs might not survive the trip through the stomach; I guess higher
level characters have stronger stomach acid or something. The PCs
mostly made their rolls (5 of 7) and of the 20 or so major NPCs only TWO
made it! Talk about chaos...

BTW, I have really been pushing the snake link with the Hag so snakes
and snake-related things have been turning up everywhere when she is

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