A lot of people have been asking about the population and where its get
the food to support 400,000 people or so. There is an easy answer.
If you play a guilder in Anuire where do you always want to set up a
trade route to?
The Imperial City of course, as the the lagest and most powerful city in
Anuire. Every guild in Anuire wants to trade with the city and what do
they have that the city wants. Why food of course and the city can
export knowledge, finely crafted weapons, luxuries, and other things not
found in those lands.

In my campaign I allow 5 trade routes from a the city (because it is so
large) and these are quickly snapped up by guilders, well most are
anyway. But the point is that people want to trade with the Imperial
city the way people want to trade with China. In an empire with about
2-3 million a city with 400,000 makes up a fair portion of that.

Also if you look around the city at the realm they are all agricultural
lands. Tuornen, eastern Avanil, Diemed, Medoere, and Roesone all produce
food for export. While some would go to Ilien and Endier most would go
to the imperial city.

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