Name: Bill Seurer Age: 37
Occupation: Programmer
Yrs Role playing: 21
Birthplace: Minneapolis, MN Currently: Rochester, MN
Role Playing Experience: (O)D&D, Traveler, TFT, C&S, AD&D, Champions,
Star Trek, MERPS, Fantasy Hero, GURPS, Ars Magica. That's the order in
which I first played in or ran campaigns. I've tried most others at
least once.
Favorite systems/Worlds: GURPS (my own 18 year old campaign), Ars Magica
(Mythic Europe), AD&D (Birthright)
TV: Babylon 5, Highlander, Dexter's Lab, and old cartoons (I hate most
of the new garbage). Actually, B5 and Highlander are all I watch
Other fun stuff: Reading, camping, gardening, kids, dogs, computers,
home automation.

- - Bill Seurer ID Tools and Compiler Development IBM Rochester, MN
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