My compliments on a well crafted kit description. It seems to be very
well balanced IMO. I particularly like the fighter THAC0 and the
advanced rate of attacks at higher levels and how the abilities are
restricted to the short sword and other weapon chosen initially. This
gives the bard a decent chance in combat at higher levels while not
making the PC a combat powerhouse.

One additional possibility may be allowing the heralds special training
in parrying attacks as well since their training is more geared towards
defence than offence. Still, this doesn't seem absolutely necessary. You
may or may not have considered this; you would certainly have a better
estimate than me of whether or not this would make the kit too powerful.

Another thing that might be useful is seeing how candidates are chosen
for Imperial service. What criteria will the elders of the College use?

In any event, the kit is very well written and quite usable as is.


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> Hey folks,
> A number of you expressed an interest in my new bard kit, the Imperial
> Herald,
> so here it is. This is brand new, so if anyone has any ideas or
> suggestions
> for me, or thoughts on how the Royal Heraldic Academy might operate,
> I'd love
> to hear them. Of course, just plain praise is welcome too! ;)
> Thanks,
> Kevin Moss
> P.S. I love all your thoughts and ideas about life in the Imperial
> City...its
> all great background for my campaign, thanks!
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