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    Weapon Style - The Warder`s Bla

    >It is amazing how well a secret society like the Aes Sedai's Warders fit
    >with BR (as their own organization).
    You're right. I think even introducing warders as bodyguards of wizards
    is a good point.
    I think of a couple of adventure hooks considering this option.

    1. Wizard has to find a new warder replacing the deceased old one

    2. Mage suffers from bad dreams after loosing his warder in battle.
    Obviously the warder is still alive.

    3. Warder reminds the mage that he should stick to his oaths and destroy
    the evil necromancer in the neighbourhood.

    And I think there are quite a lot more.


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    Manfred V=?ISO-8859-1?Q?

    Weapon Style - The Warder`s Bla

    >As we have come this far to introduce warders, what about mages linking them
    >selfs togheter to cast magic with better effect? There is a good one in the
    >Spellbound box for FR.
    > //Trizt of Ward^RITE

    Linking mages together is a mere difficult task. Most wizards are
    suspicious against members of their kind... but why not?

    - - IMHO, the effect of linking would transfer power from one regent to the
    other, so why not linking them by investiture and vassalage for purpose
    of one realm spell only.

    - - Linking to perform normal spells should be possible without this.
    How about doubling the effects of a normal spell (eg. range, duration,
    damage...) and have both participants pass an INT check to succeed?
    Otherwise the spell might hurt themselves (burn, baby, burn).

    Hmmmm... stuff to think about


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