Alright already, I'll do one.....Jeez!

Name: Bryan Ruther Age:27
Occupation: Copy-God Roleplaying: 17 years...(damn! I didn't realize
it was so long.)
Birthplace: Chicago Illinois Currently: Same

Pole playing Experience: AD&D/D&D(pretty much every setting published, and
some games with some signifigant tweaks), Warhammer Fantasy, Top Secret (both),
Gamma World (several editions), Star Frontiers, Twilight 2000, Kabal, Mission,
Runequest, Storm Bringer, Marvel Superheros, Call of Cthulu, Paladium, Mech
warrior, Traveller, Vampire (and the rest...), Arcanum, Boot Hill, Amber
diceless, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk, Judge Dredd, Jorune(still have my pre-release
edition and pre release box #106), Torg, Gurps, Rolemaster, Starwars, Paranoia,
Carwars(well, its sort of a rpg...), and a couple others I can't recall the
exact name of right now. I'm pretty easy on this topic, having realized long
ago that the GM makes the difference, not the system.

Fav Class: The one that no one else in the party is playing.
Other interests: I'm a gamer, name the game I've either played it, or am
willing to give it a try.
Movies and Authors: These mostly depend on what mood I'm in, but I do enjoy

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Mankind being originally equals in the order of creation,
the equality could only be destroyed by some subsequent
Thomas Paine, Common Sense