I am a Wheel of Time fanatic (you all should read this series) and have
instituted Warders (modified) as a ranger sub-class (I have set rangers as
their own class seperate from fighters).

It is amazing how well a secret society like the Aes Sedai's Warders fit
with BR (as their own organization).

This weapon style uses a sword very similar to the katana, though heavier
and with a rather Anglicized cross guard. The style is very similar to
Kendo and involves some Iaijutsu as well.

The Warder's Blade
2 Weapon Slots or equiv. CP for class.

Classes: Any human warrior, bards
Benefits: +2 to attack or damage (or +1/+1).
+2 to Parrying (either my alternate from post
Alternate Parrying or the standard).
+1 to Weapon Speed
Restrictions: Only usable with swords that have 2 handed or
hand-and-one-half hafts, the style is 2 handed in