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Here is a location that I have used quite often in my Birthright
campign. It is a small inn and tavern in the docks area of the Imperial
City. There are also maps to go with it, but they are rather large and I
didn't want to send too big a message. They will be placed on my
webpage along with this file as soon as I do the next major update (and
I mean major).

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Ian Hoskins

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>From the Darkness we came,
and to the Darkness we will return.
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The Black Rose

Although it appears little more than another common dockside tavern the
Black Rose is in fact much, much more. For many years now the Black Rose
tavern and inn has been the haunt of famed seller of information and othe=
items of interest known only as Aleric. Aleric holds court in a back room
of the tavern and a steady stream of minor nobles, criminals and
adventurers seeking answers to their questions meet with him. Who exactly
Aleric is, and where he gets is information from is not widely known.
Before he arrived at the Black Rose no-one even knew he existed. He spent=
large sum of gold and purchased the entire inn from the then owner and ha=
since set it up as both his home and place of business. An employee of hi=
serves as innkeeper and acts as the public face of the inn however. Aleri=
prides himself on only giving out correct information, and the price he
charges can be steep. However the demand for secrets and knowledge about
others is always high and he has a lot of customers.
Although a large criminal population does make use of Aleric's services t=
Imperial City authorities have made no moves to shut him down. This is
mainly because he often supplies information to the city watch and the
government for free if he thinks it is important enough.

Apart from the sale of information the Black Rose also offers items of fo=
and drinks and well as rooms. Although a cheap dockside inn it does offer=
fair range of good foods and wines, mainly to cater for the richer patron
who have come to seek Aleric's assistance. Rooms are available for a free
of 2 silver for a night, with two meals (innkeepers choice) being include=
in the price.

Room Descriptions:
(See Maps)


1. The common room: This area is where most of the customers sit for thei=
meals or drinks. The inn is usually quite full and perhaps only one or tw=
tables are free in the least busy times. A large fireplace dominates the
southern wall and it is lit throughout winter keeping the room warm and
comfortable. There are three large long table in the centre of the room
that can seat a total of twenty people each and twelve smaller circular
tables that each seat six people.
When the inn is full the noise can be quiet loud as everyone talks and
drinks at the same time. Order is kept by a large Vos warrior known only =
Igor. A giant of a man he usually sit on a stool by the door and watches
the room for any trouble makers. Despite it's rough location the Black Ro=
is probably the safest tavern or inn in the docks area.

2. The Bar: Along the east wall of the common room is the large bar. Ther=
are fifteen stools sitting in front of it for patrons. All the drinks are
kept safely behind the bar, out of the reach of thieves. The current
bartender is Shaemes Lixion, a tall thin man with a eye for faces. He is
the third bartender to serve in the inn since Aleric took it over, the
first two being arrested for various crimes (including the murder of a
wizard from the CoS). An expert with the throwing knife he keeps several
under the bar in case of emergencies.

3. The Private Rooms: Along the west wall of the common room is a line of
five private rooms, separated from the rest of the inn by a thick curtain.
The noise from the common room usually makes anything discussed in these
rooms private, and people listening outside the curtains are quickly
ejected by Igor. There is a 1 sp charge to make use of one of these rooms.
There is however in each room a hidden hole that pipes the sound from the
room to an area below the inn where Aleric's men can listen in to any
conversation that they choose. Much interesting information is picked up
this way, especially from client's of Aleric's that are waiting to see hi=

4. Aleric's Anteroom: This chamber leads to the office of the owner Aleri=
It is guarded by three more of Aleric's servants. They are Bors and Lars,
two large dangerous looking Rjurik warriors, and Gavin Lurien, an Anuirea=
magician. The room contains little but a desk and three chairs and some
tapestries on the walls. Anyone who wishes to see Aleric must first get
past his secretary Gavin who assesses the client's ability to pay and tak=
their cash after they have seen Aleric. The door leading south to Aleric'=
office is trapped and with the push of a button from Gavin anyone standin=
before the door is dropped into a deep hole which leads to a water and
shark filled cavern below the inn.
As Aleric is often busy elsewhere he only is available during the hours
between lunch and dinner. For the rest of the day this room is shut and
locked, as is Aleric's office.

5. Aleric's Office: This is the office of the information monger Aleric. =
is richly furnished in carpet and valuable paintings. Aleric sits in a
cushioned chair behind a wooden desk, while three similar chairs are
provided for customers along with a bottle of fine wine and a tray of
snacks. Aleric likes his customers to feel comfortable so he can charge
them as much as he can. His costs vary with each client and are usually a=
much as he can get. His information however is good and he will not charg=
for rumours, and doesn't supply information that he knows to be false lik=
others in the city.
There are several secret escape routes from the room, and Aleric as a
blooded wizard has a few tricks of his own up his sleeve. Many years ago =
purchased a wand of magic missiles from an adventurer and this is strappe=
under the table. He also has a magical dagger and various protection's
hidden on his person. Also any fighting in this room would draw the
attention of his employees, all of whom are totally loyal and would die f=
their master.

6. The Kitchen: This large kitchen dominates the southern part of the inn.
A door leads north to the common room and a dumb waiter leads up to the
private dining room above. Also a secret passage leads to Aleric's office=
The cook and his two assistants spend much of the day baking and preparin=
meals. There are only three main meals served each day, but pies and brea=
are also prepared here. The current chief is Vord beinlack, a former army
cook in the Avanil military who became too good a cook for mere soldiers
and was employed by Aleric to improve the food in the inn which until Vor=
arrived was limited to stew and bread. Vord is also a wanted man in Avani=
suspected of the murder of three officers. He keeps out of the way of
customers and sticks to his kitchen, leaving his assistants to hand out t=
food. If anyone threatens him he is a good hand with a cleaver and there =
a wide range of knives and skewers available in the kitchen.


7. Standard Bedroom: These rooms are the standard room that is available
for rent for the night. A charge of 2 sp applies and each room has its ow=
lock and key. Inside the room there is one single bed, a chest and a tabl=
with a bowl of water and a lamp on it. Each room also has a shuttered
window, and it has been known (quite often in fact) for thieves to use
these windows to rob the occupants so anyone who rents a room here should
be well prepared.

8. Large Bedroom: There are four of these large rooms on this floor. Each
one contains four single beds, each with its own chest and a table, chair=
A charge of 4 sp applies for this room for each person that beds down her=
Like the single room a window opens to the aromatic delights of the
Imperial City docks.

9. Private Dining Room: This small dining room is available for hire for
the small charge of 5 sp. It has a solid door and is sound proof, with no
windows so is perfect for private discussions and planning sessions. The
local thieves guild uses it quite extensively to plan their latest raids =
the homes of the rich, and the more expensive inns in the city. This fact
is not widely know however as a secret stairwell leads from the room into
the sewers below the city.


10. Servants Rooms: These six rooms are for use by the employees of the
inn, only the kitchen hands do not have rooms here (they sleep downstairs
in the common room). Each is furnished according to the tastes of its
occupants, and probably trapped and protected, although thieves leave the
private rooms of Aleric and his staff well alone.

11. Aleric's Dining Room: Aleric takes his meals here, as do his servants
occasionally. The door is solid and locked with a lock from the best
locksmith in the Imperial City. Aleric takes his safely quite seriously a=
his knowledge could be quite valuable to others.

12. Aleric's Bedroom: This large room takes up much of the eastern end of
this floor. It is sparsely furnished, but what is here is of excellent
quality. A large four poster bed sits against the east wall between two
windows, while two wardrobes are along the north wall. A door in the sout=
leads to the private bathroom, and there is a small desk and a large
comfortable chair near the entrance. A large rug on the wooden floor and =
couple of indoor plants are the only other things in the room.

13. The Library: Here is the room where Aleric keeps all the information
that he hands out to clients. Stacks of papers cover the tables and books
are piled into the three bookshelves along the south wall. There are no
windows from this room and the entrance door is locked with the only key
kept on a chain around Aleric's neck. The only other furniture is a large
paper covered desk and two chairs. When not in his office this is where
Aleric spends much of his time. A very well hidden secret door leads from
this room to the treasure vault.

14. The Vault: A well hidden room, accessible only from the library the
vault contains all the money that Aleric has collected over the past ten
years since he set up his business. Chest full of coins and a strongbox
filled with jewellery and valuable gems make up Aleric's treasury. The
total value of his treasure is currently 20 GB, which is more than some
realms. Not many people know this horde exist as Aleric also has a large
account in a bank which totals another 4 GB.
There are also several magic items, including Aleric's spellbook, four
healing potions and a scroll with a teleport spell on it. Some of Aleric'=
customers have over the years payed with magic, rather than gold and he h=
horded these items in case they were ever needed. He usually only accepts
magical items that he can use though, as selling them can be a tricky

Food Menu:
(Prices are per person)

Roasts: (Includes roast meat, vegetables, and 1 free house ale).

Lamb - 5 cp
Beef - 1 sp
Pork - 3 sp

Other Main Meals: (Whole animals and specialty meals)

Rabbit - 5 cp (whole rabbit, vegetables,
and spices)

Quail - 1 gp (2 Quail with wine sauce.
Aleric's favourite)

Fish - 2 cp (Fresh fish is available,
served with bread)

Chicken - 1sp (Drumstick with vegetable
and house ale)

Duck - 5 sp (whole bird and

Breads and Pies:

Rabbit Pie - 3 cp (very popular, actually
contains rabbit too)

Meat Pie - 2 cp (not sure what this
Chicken Pie - 5 cp

Kidney Pie - 1 cp (sold as small eating
Cheese - 1 sp (bread filled with melted
Bread cheese and herbs)
Bread - 1 cp (for half a loaf)
Rolls - 1 cp each
Sweet Cake - 2 cp each (contains fruits)

Nut Cake - 3 cp each (Large cake with
honey and nuts)
Nutbread - 5 cp each (very popular)

Other Fare:

Cold Meats - 4 cp (served with lettuce or

Stew - 2 cp (left over meats and

Fish Soup - 2 cp (seasoned with fish and
Meat Soup - 5 cp (Good meat soup)
Soup - 1 cp (Filling and cheap)

Drinks Menu:
(Price is per cup or glass unless indicated otherwise)

House Ale - 1 cp
House Wine - 2 cp

Duff - 5 cp (popular ale from the
Druid Brewing Company)

Druids Best - 1 gp (very potent mead from
the DBC)
Brandy - 7 cp (cheap Diemed brandy)
Fire Whisky - 1 sp (strong Mhoried drink)
Elo=E9le's - 5 gp (sweet wine from
Bliss Mieres, sold by bottle only)
Prince's Own - 3 sp (popular Avanil wine)
Goblin's - 2 cp (very potent and cheap
Breath wine)

Imperial Ale - 5 cp (high quality drink
from an Avanil brewery)
Blood - 1 sp (red wine from Endier)

Sweetwater - 2 sp (white wine from
Dwarven Ale - 3 gp (rare Dwarven drink)

Character Descriptions:


Level 5 Anuirean Wizard
Anduiras, minor, 17
Str 12; Dex 10; Con 14; Int 18; Wis 16; Cha 15
AC 6; Align NE; Hp 16; THAC0 17 (dagger+2)

Spells: Affect Normal Fires, Alarm, Burning Hands, Cantrip, Feather Fall,
Hold Portal, Magic Missile, Mending, Message, Shocking Grasp, Alter Self,
Blur, Detect Invisibility, Fog Cloud, Know Alignment, Levitate, Mirror
Image, Strength, Wizard Lock, Dispel Magic, Explosive Runes, Hold Person,
Monster Summoning I, Secret Page, Tongues, Water Breathing.

Items: Wand of Magic Missiles, Dagger+2, 4 Potions of Healing, Bracers AC=

Description: The son of a minor noble in Diemed he left home at the age o=
fifteen and spent many years adventuring throughout Anuire. Thirteen year=
ago he decided to settled down and chose the Imperial City as his new hom=
He did not have much money at the time, despite his years of adventuring
and started working for a small group of thieves down on the docks castin=
protection's spells for them. Aleric took to his new life of crime and
worked his way up through the ranks of the guild, eventually replacing th=
guildmaster after only three years. He now had money and power, and was s=
good at hiding himself from view that none outside the guild even knew th=
he existed.
It was then he came up with the idea of buying the Black Rose and setting
it up as his base of operations. Using part of the thieves guild's small
treasury he bought the inn and built the secret passages leading into the
sewers and the guilds main base below the city. He then start to sell
information about the goings on in the areas where his thieves operated.
During their nightly sorties they bought back to him news about various
nobles and merchants and their plans. He used this information by selling
it to their enemies and other thieves guild and made himself and his guil=
a lot of money in the process. So much were people prepared to pay for th=
secrets of their enemies that Aleric decided to set up his guild as full
time spies instead of thieves, with the members of the guild only going
after the richest targets now.
Now after ten years this network has grown to cover much of the Imperial
City and Aleric also has agent in all the major guilds in surrounding
provinces. There is little now that avoids his notice and what does he ca=
still bribe others to discover. Only the other thieves guilds in the city
know of his true status and they do not say anything as Aleric has
certainly gathered much information on their operations that could lead t=
their demise should they ever cross him.
Aleric is a short man with thinning grey hair and dark brown eyes. His lo=
of good food have added several inches to his waistline, but he can still
move quickly if needed. He is very intelligent and can pick through the
pieces of information that he receives to work out plots very quickly.
Almost nothing escapes his eye and he is renowned for often knowing about=
plan to kill someone before the assassin has even been chosen. He picks
only the most loyal employees and treats those who work for him well.
Anyone who betrays him however ever can expect a visit from Igor.


Level 7 Vos Warrior
Str 18/67; Dex 12; Con 17; Int 6; Wis 12; Cha 8
AC 5; Align N; Hp 73; THAC0 10

Items: Chain Mail (worn under clothes), Club, Potion of Healing.

Description: A giant of a man Igor is the bouncer at the Black Rose. He
came to the Imperial City five years ago as a sailor on a Vos vessel but
got drunk and was left behind. His strength and size soon gained him a jo=
as the enforcer for Aleric's thieves guild and he is used mainly to take
care of errant thieves and dangerous patrons of the inn. Anyone who
threatens Aleric can expect a visit from Igor who will teach them not to
make silly threats against his master.
Igor is rarely troubled, as most as scared of his giant frame and strengt=
He dresses in dark clothing and usually wears light chain armour that has
been specially crafted for him under his clothes. He carries a thick club
useful for stopping disruptive patrons from causing trouble and beating
people to death. He is not that intelligent and usually follows what ever
orders are given to him by Aleric. He treats Aleric much as others do the=
liege lord and follows his orders without question, no matter what they

Shaemes Lixion:

Level 10 Anuirean Thief
Str 12; Dex 18; Con 11; Int 16; Wis 15; Cha 9
AC 6; Align CE; Hp 54; THAC0 15

Items: Throwing Dagger+1, 12 other throwing daggers.

Description: Shaemes Lixion is a tall, thin man with steely brown eyes an=
black hair. He usually wears a vest with his daggers hidden in it and
excellent quality pants and shirt. As the bartender he keeps an eye on th=
patrons of the bar and watches for any trouble, especially adventurers wh=
may not want to pay what Aleric asks. He signals Igor is he want someone
tossed out of the inn for any reason.
Shaemes is Aleric second in command and keeps an eye on happening in the
guild headquarters while Aleric is busy elsewhere. He notices almost
everything that happens in the common room and manages to hide his scruti=
with a smile and a joke. He is perhaps the most dangerous man in the whol=
inn. An expert with the dagger he can kill most opponents with a single
throw, and keeps his magical dagger for special occasions.
No-one outside the guild knows his true position and to the regulars in t=
inn he is simply Shay the innkeeper. He manages to hide his true nature
perfectly and no-one really knows that within his chest beats a heart
devoid of any passion or mercy. He is however loyal to Aleric as he owes
his life to the guildmaster, after being rescued from gaol where he was
charge with murder, a crime that would have seen him swing from the

Bors & Lars:

Level 5 Rjurik Fighter (Bors)
Str 17; Dex 12; Con 14; Int 7; Wis 10; Cha 15
AC 5; Align CG; Hp 47; THAC0 13

Level 7 Rjuvik Fighter (Lars)
Str 18/34; Dex 10; Con 16; Int 9; Wis 9; Cha 16
AC 5; Align CG; Hp 72; THAC0 10

Items: Chain Mail, Large Axe, Dagger.

Descriptions: These two brothers are both similar in appearance and carry
the same weapons. Both tall and muscular with blonde good looks and blue
eyes. They are popular with the ladies and both good natured to talk to.
They came to the Imperial City three years ago from their homeland in
Rjuvik after they grew despondent with the rule of Fulgar the Bold. Aleri=
learned of their arrival and hired them to work as his bodyguards. Both
good warriors they take their job seriously and would give their lives to
protect their employer as their honour demands.
They however know nothing of Aleric's other activities and only work duri=
the hours that Aleric is his office. The rest of the time they spend in t=
common room drinking and romancing any woman who enters the room. They al=
cause more trouble than most of the patrons, although rarely does their
activities lead to blows and most patrons are wary of their size and Igor
would discourage any trouble should it look like occurring.
Most of the rest of Aleric's employees do not get along well with the two
Rjurik warriors, although no serious trouble has yet occurred.

Gavin Lurien:

Level 2 Anuirean Magician
Str 7; Dex 11; Con 5; Int 17; Wis 16; Cha 9
AC 10; Align N; Hp 7; THAC0 20

Spells: Cantrip, Change Self, Phantasmal Force, Detect Magic, Identify,
Read Magic.

Items: Dagger

Description: Gavin Lurien is Aleric's assistant, and scribe. He spends mu=
of his time looking over notes and making appointments for Aleric's
clients. He is a sickly man and look shallow faced and ill most of the
time. A year ago he contracted a fever that nearly killed him, and
following his recovery he was unable to return to his work at one of the
cities banks. He instead was given a job by Aleric as his secretary and
assistant. He skilled eye is good at picking what a customer can afford a=
help Aleric in deciding his price. He likes his new job but does not real=
like his companions the two Rjurik. They tend to be load and give him
headaches with their constant chatter and weapons practice. He is glad th=
he is only needed to work in the anteroom for a few hours a day. He spend
the rest of the day in Aleric's library upstairs writing notes for his
master and sorting through the latest information.

Vord beinlack:

Level 0 Anuirean
Str 15; Dex 16; Con 9; Int 12; Wis 9; Cha 12
AC 10; Align N; Hp 6; THAC0 20

Description: Vord is a large red faced man who enjoys way too much of his
own cooking. He was once a cook in the Avanil army but fled after he
poisoned two officers who commented badly on his cooking. With his life n=
forfeit and the Avanil army looking for him he fled to the Imperial City
and fell in with Aleric's Guild. This was back before Aleric became the
guildmaster. Initially he was the guilds cook but has now moved up to the
inn and serves as its Chief. He has two young apprentices (Friede, and
Oervel) who do most of the serving and cleaning while he busies himself
with the cooking. Rarely leaving the kitchen now in case someone who is
looking for him, even after twelve years, is in the inn he spend much of
the day creating the good menu that the Black Rose enjoys.

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