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    Pieter A de Jong

    Questions, Subscribers

    Personal Information : Pieter de Jong Age: 24
    Years Roleplaying : ~14
    Occupation : Masters's Student, Mechanical Engineering
    Games played : AD&D, Rifts, Star Wars, MtG, etc.
    Residency : Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Other Interests : Science Fiction and Fantasy Books, Computers, Computer games,

    Pieter A de Jong
    Graduate Mechanical Engineering Student
    University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada

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    Mark A Vandermeulen

    Questions, Subscribers

    Hello everyone. I'll join the census-taking.

    Name: Mark VanderMeulen RP experience: 7 years
    Age: 29 Born: Orange City, Iowa, USA
    Race: Caucasian Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
    Occupation: Graduate student in Plant Evolutionary Biology
    Interests: Games: BR, Fading Suns, White Wolf's V:tM, M:tA, Castle
    Falkenstein. Other: Babylon 5, X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fantasy
    & SciFi Lit (esp. de Lint, Katherine Kerr, Pratchett, and Alan Dean
    Foster) hiking, cooking, and photography.

    I recently left my cozy BR game of 3 years in Illinois when I came to Pitt
    for my Ph.D. I miss it dearly: PBeM is not the same! In that game, the
    intrepid regents of Roesone, Spider River Traders, and Spiderbane Tower
    (made up regent with most of Aglondier's sources, and Aglondier made into
    a guilder w/ El-Hadid's guilds), were attempting to resist the cunning
    wiles of the secret Mistress of the Cult of the Lifestealers, an extremist
    cult of Eloele based in Mieres and Diemed (they had just discovered that
    Orthien Tane was a member).


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    Brett Lang

    Questions, Subscribers

    Name: Brett Lang
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    RPG Experience: 12 years
    Location: Western Australia
    Occupation: Laboratory Analyst
    Interests: RPG, Squash, Skiing, Reading, Computers, and this that and the
    other !

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    Tim Nutting

    Questions, Subscribers

    Age: 24
    Sex: Male
    Ethnic background: Middle American/Danish
    Role playing exp: 10 yrs
    Location: Seattle, Washington

    Interests: RPGs: [Birthright! (TSRs BEST campaign), Greyhawk (1st edition),
    Star Wars, Cyberpunk, Al-Qadim (TSRs second best campaign world EVER, take
    note WotC people, jump start it!), Dark Sun, Forgotten Realms, Planescape
    (stormin' the gates of the 9 hells!), Star Frontiers (loooooong time ago -
    for me)], computers, fiction (Wheel of Time - current), movies, and ladies
    who are into RPGs... few and far between. Arguing philosophy and religion
    with my uncle in Idaho (a methodist minister). astronomy

    I got into D&D in Jr high/grade school and got put out of it due to living
    with paranoid parents who bought into the satan worship drivel (anyone
    remember the "Dark Dungeons" so-called religious pamphlet?), so I found
    other games I am now trying to become a self published game author and
    write my own system, a daunting task.

    I've tried to run four different BR campaigns over time, most have died.
    My last one was rather interesting, the players were all minor lords with
    an NPC as the too young regent to the Aerenwean Imperial Throne. In this
    one Aerenwe and Roesone married in 535 MR, completely changing to Anuirean
    political structure. In this one I'd decided also to resurect Azrai (I've
    been sayin' he wasn't dead for over a year now) and have it set to that
    they will meet the reborn god while he is still semi-mortal and is tied to
    a physical form on the Prime.

    I'm prepping a campaign to start in Khinasi and head around the planet
    looking for the Seilehr (the Stone of Light - see BoM) and such. Along the
    way they will be tricked into helping someone cast a modified and reversed
    _imprisonment_ and releasing the Lost from their prisons deep beneath the

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