I am looking for one more player for my pbem game willing to take one of
the following realms, or a temple, guild etc inside them.

Khinasi - Mesire or guild/temple/wizard in plains states.

Brechtur - Treucht, Muden, The Burrows, Rheulgard, Dauren or non-landed
within basin states and Dauren.

This is to bring the number of players back up to 40 again. I will take
the first to send e-mail to me personally. Do not send it to this list
if you do I will not be considering you at all!! (Well if you can't work
out how to send private e-mail).

and just a note to some players already in the game. If you are having
trouble getting mail through to me it is because of a problem with one
of the US telecomunication companies (can't remember which) not with the
server at this end. Send your turns and other mail to
svaumel@geocities.com and that will then be forwarded to me. This
address is working 100% so send there if you think I may not be
recieving your mail.

And another reminder to everyone to send anything new for birthright to
me and I will post it to my page. There has been little of late to add
but I will be adding some more of my own creations soon and a few new
realm spells etc that I have been sent.

About the request for more info on the imperial city, how about creating
some building/sites etc yourselves and sending it in to my page. I will
work on a couple I have used from my campaign and post the with maps etc
over the next week or so starting with the tavern known as the Black

Finally for the survey thingy.

Age: 25 RPG Experience: 13 years (AD&D mainly)
Born: Motuweka, New Zealand Currently: Adelaide, South Australia
Interests: Reading (fantasy/Sci-Fi), Movies (well we do have the world's
largest cinema complex), Hiking, Writing, Cycling
Fav Authors: Raymond Fiest, Douglas Adams, Doug Naylor.
Fav TV shows: Babylon 5, Red Dwarf, Water Rats, Pacific Drive, Good News
Fav Sports: Rugby Union (Yah the mighty All Blacks, can they ever be
beaten), Criket, swimming.
Fav Movies: 5th Element, Star War trilogy, and lots of others.
Fav Politicians: Paul Keating (come back we all miss you), Big Kim
Beazley, Cheryl Kernot.
Least Fav Politcians: Howard, Vanstone, Costello, and Reith (or Death,
War, Famine, and Plague).

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Ian Hoskins

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From the Darkness we came,
and to the Darkness we will return.