Don't know if it would be handy to anyone or not, but I thought I'd make it
available..I've been working on getting the timelyness of responses for
actions in my PBeM to 1 week. The methods I plan on making this feesibly,
what with a full-time job, and full-time wife and daughter is by using some
tools at hand, to allieviate(sp) some of the tasks. Well, I made this
table for generating random numbers for the ..yup you guessed it, Table 18
on page 43 of the rulebook in an excel spreadsheet. I made it in Excel 97,
but I'm sure I can export it to at least Excel 95 or maybe even earlier.

If anyone might find this of use, just buzz me an email, and I'll send it
out to you. Again, in sumation, it basically will generate a random number
of the correct corrsponding value for the table on page 43. So if you're
looking for a Province rating of 2 and a guild or temple of 2, then it will
give you the GB's generated for that level of guild. (It looks exactly like
the table.) I'm working on making it have a query, so you can input the
holding level and province level and it will give you the GB's generated.
(I'm trying to make it so I can use my current access database to interface
a one button press and spit out all the GB's generated for all the
domains...I'll keep you posted.)