Name: Noah Zerbe Occupation: Student
Age: 25 Sex: Male
Birth Place: Phoenix, AZ Currently: Toronto, Canada

Roleplaying Experience: 10-12 years
Systems Used or Owned: AD&D. Used to play others, but no time anymore.
Favorite Game Worlds: Birthright

If anyone in Toronto or surrounding area is looking for another gaming
group, we are always looking for players and DMs!

I am currently DMing two BR campaigns. One is set in Roesone, with one PC
the regent and the other three his advisors. The Second is just
beginning, with none of the PCs regents, but several are related to the
noble houses of Dhoesone. Probably going to run them through KotGD later.

But, does anyone know how large the Imperial City is supposed to be? I
know it has a rating of 10/0, but what is the pop, how many halflings,
etc. Any info would be appreciated.