>Your blood ability Dopplegang sounds very similar to the new (old) race
>detailed in the new dragon magazine, the Greyhawk version of the Suel

Actually I borrowed it from the Doppleganger in the MC1 and the Greater
Doppleganger in the second annual monstrous manual.

>Your second blood ability, I feel many need more fleshing out. The ability
>to change the topographical geology of a province will drasticly effect the
>live that lives within that domain. The changes that result, will kill
>some or perhaps much of the living creatures that live therein. Plain's to
>mountains.....and vice versa, would destory every man(elf-dwarf) structure
>that exisits. Castles would fall to rumble, thousands would die in massive
>earthquakes. You can see where this ability could go. Any ideas for
>modifying it?

I wouldn't worry that much about the massive earthquakes and such, or the
castles falling to rubble. First of all, the yearly area affected is equal
to four times the scions level in square miles. When we think about it that
means that a 20th level character (something very, very rare) has this
ability it can only change 80 square miles per year. a character of medium
level (say 5th) can change only 20 per year. Considering that the rule book
says that provinces areroughly 40 miles on each side which means an average
of 1,600 square miles, it would take 80 years for a 5th level character to
fully terraform a province (20 years for the twentieth level character).
Also, considering the fact that the scion can only use this ability on his
own provinces it is easy to see why he would not like to wreak havoc. Any
castles he destroys or people he kills are his. Considering the fact that
the process is slow many creatures will flee the affected terrain for the
remaining terrain of their type resulting (at worst) in the overpopulation
of that area (of course if you can't get out of the mountain then watch out).

One of the main uses that I thought up of for this ability was to clear land
for farming in newly populated domains. It can also be used for building up
natural defences against enemies.

For example: Medeore fears Diemed so the regent raises a mountain range
along the border with that country.

One of the potentialy most destructive aspects of this ability comes when
you consider the effects on climate. What would happen if the regent were to
lower the seamists? It would probably upset the whole natural balance in
most of the area on either side of the range. Probably what would happen in
this case would be an alliance of peeved regents from other kingdoms who
order him to put the mountains back up where they were.

Is this alright now? If you still have a problem with this ability then you
can probably modify it if you like. I think it is already pretty limited.