Hi, I have previously tried to send a post to the list but it appears
not to have got through. Therefore I am sending this again

Name: Phil Burge Occupation:Student
Age:20 Sex:Male
Birth Place:Wellington, New Zealand Currently:Same

Roleplaying Experience: around 6-7 years
Systems Used or Owned: AD&D, D&D, Shadow Run, Vampire, Star Wars, MERP,
Runequest, Babylon 5, In Nomine.

Favorite Game Worlds:Birthright (of course) and Dragonlance. I also play
in FR.

I am currently DMing a BR campaign where the PC's are the rulers of
Roesone, Illien, Medeore and a Guild Network. I own the source books for
the Domains in question and in that of Medoere a "Champion of Rournil"
is mentioned who will be able to use the Holy Avenger in the Medoere
Treasury as a Paladin.

I am curious what everybody thinks would be appropriate powers and the
necessary stats for such a paladin. Hoping you can help a poor stressed