Your blood ability Dopplegang sounds very similar to the new (old) race
detailed in the new dragon magazine, the Greyhawk version of the Suel
doppleganer. It's a good article, and as a BR bloodability I can see where
in many instantaces plot lines would be very creative indeed!

Your second blood ability, I feel many need more fleshing out. The ability
to change the topographical geology of a province will drasticly effect the
live that lives within that domain. The changes that result, will kill
some or perhaps much of the living creatures that live therein. Plain's to
mountains.....and vice versa, would destory every man(elf-dwarf) structure
that exisits. Castles would fall to rumble, thousands would die in massive
earthquakes. You can see where this ability could go. Any ideas for
modifying it?


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Here are a couple of new BAs that I have thought up of. I have to
warn those who wish to use them that they are not play tested, since my
campaign has died off. They are only the theories of an diehard BRer

Dopplegang Major, Great
Derivations: Azrai, Brenna

This is a rare blood ability that grants the scion the powers equivalent to
a dopplganger. Once per day the scion is able to use a form of telepathy on
one victim for 3d4 rounds. During this period the scion learns as much as
can about the victim and, after the telepathic scanning is completed, he
assume the shape and personality of the victim. In this state he is 80%
undetectable as an imposter. The scion may remain in the victim's form for
as long as he wishes, but as soon as he returns to his original form he
scan the victim again (difficult if the victim has been assassinated).

When in the form of the victim the scion has full access to the victim's
proficiencies and skills. These include thief abilities and ambidexterity,
but does not include spells or granted powers such as a paladin's healing
The scion also loses access to his own abilities and spells.

While in the form of a victim the scion must make a saving throw vs. spell
every time he commits an act that is contrary to the victim's alignment.
Failure causes the scion to immediately revert to his own form.

As a great ability the scion is able to keep a "memory" of up to four
personalities. If he exceeds this limit at any time he loses a randomly
chosen personality.

Terraform Great
Derivations: Azrai, Reynir

This powerful ability is only available to scions with Great or True

A regent who possesses this ability is able to change the terrain in one of
the provinces which he controls. Once per domain turn the regent can change
an area of up to his level in square miles to whatever type of terrain he
wishes. This ability can be used to turn mountains to plains or dismal
swamps to fertile forests. Some say that this ability explains why the
Gorgon just happens to live in one of the most volcanic regions in all of

Depending on how these abilities are used the regent using this ability
could be performing an evil act.

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