Hello everyone! This is the STARSINGER here, I have been planewalking for
approximately 3 years now and it has apparently taken me all this time to
familarise myself with the mysteries of the different planes.
Well, in order to aid all those who should take up the mantel of a
Planewalker I have decided to compile a Great Net Complete Planar Netbook.
I have not been able to travel to all corners of the Inner and Outer Planes
in such a short expanse of time. Therefore I am requesting aid from all of
you out there. I would appreciate any and all help that anyone can render
to aid me in this project. All information including those of your own
devise are welcome.
Be hearing from you soon.

Take Care and may the gods be with you.
From Lord Andre "Starsinger" Huang (Elven Minstrel / Druid / Psionic)
E-mail : andre_huang@iname.com