[Apologies for the cross-posted message....]

Ladies and gentlemen, these past few months I have been becoming restless
my position as TSR Online Coordinator. My two main goals when I was hired
were to get TSR a "real" website and to get a net-friendly TSR Online
Policy. Well, I've accomplished both of those, and I'm feeling restless
my current job.

So, I have been working since late November to finish the pending stuff
required my personal touch, and making arrangements to leave this
When I leave, the TSR Online Coordinator position will be no more. All
webmaster functions will be handled by WotC webmaster Alex Von Hochtritt.

I am applying for a designer position in TSR creative services; I think I
have a good chance of making it - they're pleased with my previous design
work, and they know I know the games. Interviews are next week, and I
should have a decision by the week after that. Whether or not I get this
position, I'll no longer be in the Online team - I'll either be over in
CS, or seeking employment elsewhere. Wish me luck. :)

I want to state that this has nothing to do with any interpersonal
with the Web Team or any other WotC employees. I have enjoyed working
all of them, and they've made my transition from Wisconsin to Washington
(and from "lone gunman" to a team member) very easy. They're a great
of people, and I hope to continue working with them in the future.

The internet and TSR's involvement in it has changed quite a bit since I
joined the company. I like to think that I had some positive effect on
both, no matter how small. Having met the two goals I set for myself
when I
applied for the TSR OC position, it's time to move on.

I'm not making this post to elicit any sympathy or to get anyone to beg me
to stay - I just wanted everyone informed of what's going on and to give
people some advance notice of some of the possible changes to TSR Online.

Since I won't be the OC any more, I won't be monitoring all of the
mailing lists any more. I'll be unsubscribing after I find out where
I'm headed (although I'll remain subscribed to whatever line(s) I might
actually be working on, assuming I get the designer position). Thus,
if you have a question that you need a TSR person to answer, it will be
to write directly to an employee in the relevant product group, unless
you know this list is read by TSR employees. The list of TSR staff email
addresses is available at:


Please don't clutter up the list with replies to this message; if you
need to
say something to me about it, please use my email address.

- - Sean

Good gaming!
- --
Sean K Reynolds, TSR Online Coordinator
skreyn@tsr.com | http://www.tsr.com