> Something that would be nice is a supplement that details the rule
> changes/modifications and any new rules. Also including such alternate rules
> that have appeared in the various source books and in the realm guides (ie
> things like the clarification of ley lines from Magecraft, elven investiture
> from Priestcraft, the trade route rules from the Brect box, the deforestation
> rules from the Talinie realm book)
> Bryan

My only question for your line of thought is "Why release a new edition
of the rules and a rule change summary?" Does it not defeat the purpose
of a new edition of rules if a brief summary of rule changes is also
released? I own everything released and I intend on purchasing the new
edition. Every BR supplement released after the initial box set
includes more elaborate characteristics of the campaign world. It would
be easier to create a new rule book than to publish a rule change

Sir Spud I