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    Brecska Roland

    Questions on Khinasi

    Hi everybody,

    I am on the list for about 2 months now, but I remained silent -- until now!

    I just started DMing a new campaign in Khinasi in the Plain States -
    Zhaiinge Valley region, and I have some questions for those who know the
    answers. I am sorry if these questions were on before, in that case I could
    not find it in the archives.

    So here they goes:
    1) Who rules in Direwood? In the map it seems that Direwood belongs to the
    territory of the Black Spear gnolls, however the Cities of the Sun handles
    it under Mesire, but without saying any particular facts, but a short
    sentence: "today all know that some malign entity rules the Direwood". Also
    at Mesire, the book states: "The emir, a skilled mage controls sources in
    his own state and in the wild Direwood and Black Spear Tribe land to the
    north as well." But later in the "Other Domains" section nothing indicates
    that the emir actually has some sources there. What is the truth then?

    2) On p36 of the Cities of the Sun it says under "The Dhoumaire" section :
    "Local say the dhoumaire are a tall, slender folk able to take other shapes
    and possessed of strange mind powers." Does it mean, that the dhoumaire are
    shapeshifters and psionicists all in one? It would contradict the fact,
    that there are no psionicists in Cerilia. What's the truth then again?

    Thank you in advance for any responses,


    - ---------> Roland Brecska

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    Questions on Khinasi

    Our play centers in Kozlovnyy so similair questions have arisen.

    1)No one rules the Direwood. Except the malign entity. Up to you what it is.
    IMC I know what it is- sorry I can't divulge it due to my snoopy players who
    sometimes raid my archive of this list.

    2)Don't know, don't care. Not psionicists. Dopplegangers?


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