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    Kurt Wiegel

    Plot points

    Thanks for everyone who responded to me for the plot submissions.
    I will attempt to condense it into a readable format that won't take
    several months to type.

    The regent players started in Rosone, Illien, Medoere and Arenwe.
    The former three of the list promptly formed what they called the
    Southern League, which involved prefered trade agreements and the ability
    to move troops through the nations. Martin Enlin (the Medoeren regent)
    began to expand his holdings into Roesone, and the Illien regent decided
    to take on Allies for his sources. The High mage was more amused by this
    than angered, and basically sent Tyson Aglondier back to Illien after
    lightly spanking him. Kallyn Swordwraith (Arenwe) stayed out of all of
    this for the most part, simply bolstering his own armies. While friendly
    to the Southern League, he remained more of an ally than a member.

    Then a new player entered. Gaelin Collier, the new regent of
    Endier. He really caused some waves in the game. Gavin Tael had planned
    for a while to invade Roesone and from there strike into Medoere, Illien
    and finally, his true objective, Diemed. His alliance with Jason Rannech
    of Osorde would occupy Arenwe so they couldn't do anything to interfere.
    Under the threat of invasion and execution, Tael had strongarmed Collier
    into helping him weaken the Southern League (SL) secretly, so everyone
    wouldn't know ith was Ghoere behind it all. Galein played Ghoere and all
    of the other regents (I just realized, I haven't told the neame of the
    Roesonian regent yet: Matthew Roesone. Sorry) off each other, and
    secretly began funding the SL, under the auspices that the little bit of
    money involved would only break up the alliance. And it almost did, too.
    With Tyson and Matthew at each other's throats Ghoere was preparing to
    move in for the kill. Then a surprise attack happened. The Arenwean
    regent shocked all of the players by attacking Ordorde first, and
    literaly stormed through the land, with Eliene invading Ghoere from the
    East and Mhoried from the North. Endiers troops moved in from the west,
    catching Ghoere in a vise even he couldn't escape from. The land of
    Ghoere was shattered, and the countryside divided up between the players.
    Arenwe was the biggest winner, keeping almost al of Osorde, as Jason had
    allready killed William Moergan.

    Now's when things get interesting. Sorry if its been boring up
    untill now. Arenwe was admitted into the SL, and Endier as an ally. Then
    I ran the Sword and Crown adventure, which ended with an influential and
    dangerous marriage to Aubre Avanil to Gaelin Collier. He kept her under
    very tight lock and key, but she still managed to escape and murder him
    in an act of bloodtheft. The other PC's managed to spirit his body away,
    and took him to an allied High Priest of Seramie, who raised him, but as
    a non-blooded commoner. He Then proceded, bit by bit, to raise most of
    his army back under him (as Aubre had managed to reallllly screw up most
    of his guilds in the process). and assulted Caer Endier alone one night,
    and proved to the party that he was one heck of a thief as well as a savy
    businessman (and a snappy dresser).

    Sorry. I'm getting long winded again. Well, Gaelin got his nation
    back, and the SL returned to a spell of peace. New players rolled in, and
    others left. The game now centered around the Arenwean regent and his
    plans. A new mage enterd and took over Alielas' holdings, working closely
    with Swordwraith to maintain the Erbannen and Arenwe itself. The players
    now consisted of Martin Enlien, Gaelin Collier, Kal Swordwraith, Rhys
    Taelinri (The 1/2 Elven successor to Aleils- raised in Tuarhivel and a
    Taelinri (advisor) ) This group became involved in an attempt to save
    Aryia from destruction by Aftane, and tried to destroy the Bansheigh.
    They failed in the former and succeded in the latter. Kal managed to
    convert the Island off the coast of Arenwe into a massive shipyards, ad
    produced a fleet that controlled most of the Southern Coast's navy and
    shipping. He even managed to bribe the Seadrake into helping him from
    time to time (Gaelins idea). They then became embroiled in The Shadow
    War (I have no shame. JMS- I'm sorry) which was an attempt by several of
    the lost to fuse The Shadow world with Cerilia. It succeded in some
    spots. Taline and The Five peaks fell through the Veil, and parts of
    southern Rjuvik lands did as well. The Lost involved had managed to
    shattr and Fragment monst of Tuarhivel untill a civil war was about to
    explode. Rhys had returned in an attempt to prevent it from happening,
    and only just managed to uncover the plot before the Veil sprung up
    around the Forests. At the same time, however, the Lich came out of
    reclusion and destroyed the forests, rather than allow all of the First
    home of the elves to fall into evil. Rhys managed to escape, with as many
    fleeing Elves as he could, into Mhoried and Dhoesone, but blamed himself
    as he watched the burning forest slip silently into the Veil. Kal granted
    him all of the Erbannen to relocate all of the elves to and a new nation
    was born. They named it Sielghivel- Home of Light. Rhys was named Lord of
    the realm, and the SL had a new ally.

    Well, thAt's long winded and obtuse, but that's it. Questions?
    Comments? Rude remarks? Where in the heck do I go from here?

    Kurt N. Wiegel

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    Daniel McSorley

    Plot points

    > Well, thAt's long winded and obtuse, but that's it. Questions?
    >Comments? Rude remarks? Where in the heck do I go from here?
    AFTER all that? Let the players rest on their laurels, I think they've
    earned it!
    Seriously. They now control most of Anuire south of the Maesil between
    them, at least it sounded that way. The Mhor and Elinie are their allies, I
    think I saw. They should be having some serious problems with the Spider,
    the Chimaera, maybe even agents of the Gorgon, they've become that powerful.
    Have the Seadrake get greedy. Have Avanil and Boeruine ally to counter the
    eastern threat (ok, that's unlikely). The players, after that mess you just
    ran us through, will be expecting bigger and better things, and unless you
    want the characters to retire to NPC status, they deserve them. So let the
    truly epic things begin. The Gorgon goes on his scheduled rampage, his
    allies the Raven and the Magian begin working overtime, and to top it all
    off, they're having simultaneous bad hair days. It's going to have to be
    something huge.

    Daniel McSorley

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