Name: Fredrik Lundberg Age:
Occupation: Student(History, Political Science) Role-Playing: 14
Birthplace: Boden, Sweden
Currently: Lulea, Sweden

Role-Playing Experience: Runequest, MERP, Rolemaster, Spacemaster, Twilight
2000, AD & D (Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, Greyhawk, Red Steel and
Birthright), GURPS, Mutant Chronicles, MechWarrior, James Bond, Marvel
Superheroes, Mage the ascension, Vampire the masquerade, Star Wars,
Warhammer FRPG, Call of Cthulhu, Cyberpunk, Shadowrun, Heroes, Paranoia,
Mercenaries spies and private eyes, Kult (Swedish), Drakar och demoner
(Swedish), Mutant (Swedish), EON (Swedish), Western (Swedish), Khelatar
(Swedish), Chock (Swedish, I think its a translation of a game called
Chill), Battle Tech, and a couple of others and a score of different
strategy games as World in Flames etc.

Other Interests: Literature (specially fantasy (Pratchett, Eddings, Fiest,
Weis, Hickman, Kerr, etc) and history), computers and computer games.

I'd like to thank TSR and the Birthright Dev. Team for putting my hometown
Boden on the map although me and my friends don't like that it is placed in
an awnshegh domain. :-)

I started playing RPG by "mistake". A friend of mine had a computer and we
used to play on that computer a lot and one day he called and asked me if I
wanted to come and play a new game he had bought. The game was called Drakar
och demoner (translates to dragons and demons and is a Swedish fantasy RPG
that has nothing incomon with AD & D). I wrongly thought he meant he had
bought a new game for the computer and rushed over to play what I thought
sounded like a great computer game with dragons and demons and I have been
playing ever since.

Thank you all for your time and for a great list,
Fredrik Lundberg