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    {Birthright}--Questions about a

    >I've noticed some changes within the last month in my group, maybe some of
    >you have idea that may help me deal with them.
    >1) I am extremely pleased with the party I DM. They are the best role-
    >players I've had as a group, and I feel everyone roleplays their differences
    >in nationality well, at least until recently. Within the group, a brecht and
    >a half-elf thief have became jealous of each other (no reason I can come to),
    >and each has decided to kill the other. Believe me this is making the game
    >extremely interesting, but now a Vos character has stepped up and tries to
    >mediate differences (really out of character for this Vos). As DM I have so
    >far managed to stop them from murdering each other (I think it would disrupt
    >the entire group), but I feel I'm taking part of the natural role-playing

    Give them a deed which can only both of them solve
    I had the problem a couple of months back. One of my players met an evil
    guy, who is said to have wiped out his entire family. As a matter of fact
    he realised, this one would kill him without problems as a result of a
    strange, unknown blood abilities.
    The other PC was confronted by this NPC as well. Both saw that the only
    way to solve the problem is to kill him.
    The NPC developed to a major enemy and forced all players to abandon
    their personal quarrel and unite. Several friends of the players (yours
    should have some as well) joined their new brotherhood "Weisser Sack" and
    urged all players to swear the oaths (similar to the oaths of Khinasi
    I admit, I had a problem with an newcomer, who did not like the
    brotherhood, in our group afterwards. A new quarrel started, this time
    between the players (not the characters). We kicked the new one out.

    >2) Coinciding with the above I've noticed the tendincy of the group in whole
    >to sway toward chaotic evil. Previously, I would say, as a group, they
    >to be neutral--to good. This isn't a problem in it's self, but what about
    >lawful good priest in the group? He already is started to be alienated from
    >the rest.

    Make other regents react on this... Tell me, which regent of a powerful
    domain would discuss diplomatic matters with an chaotic man, trade or
    ally with him, trust or help him? He would rather use him.
    Let the mighty neighbour contact the priest and emphasize that he is
    anxious about the doings of the other PCs. Perhaps he mentions that he is
    going to stop diplomatic actions if the situation does not improve.
    Let neighbours declare war on them after proclaiming that they do not
    accept this chaos as people do not identify with their leader any more
    Perhaps subtract RPs of the chaotic regents, drop loyalty of the
    provinces or decrease holding levels as people do not identify with their
    leader any more.

    The outcome of the whole thing should be fun, if your players love to
    kill each other let them do it.



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    {Birthright}--Questions about a

    In a message dated 98-01-14 19:38:04 EST, you write:

    > I've noticed some changes within the last month in my group, maybe some of
    > you have idea that may help me deal with them.

    Here's something you might try. Have a much more evil NPC do something
    terrible to both the half-elf and Brecht (an evil priest would do
    nicely--perhaps Kriesha?) Stealing some of their hard-earned stuff should get
    their attention! They will probably need to turn to their own priest for

    In short, provide them with a reason to see why their own squabble is minor in
    comparison with the grand scheme.

    Or : Let one kill the other, and then have the murderer rot in jail after
    getting caught. And you, the DM can catch them. Their next characters will
    likely ge along better.


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