I've noticed some changes within the last month in my group, maybe some of
you have idea that may help me deal with them.

1) I am extremely pleased with the party I DM. They are the best role-
players I've had as a group, and I feel everyone roleplays their differences
in nationality well, at least until recently. Within the group, a brecht and
a half-elf thief have became jealous of each other (no reason I can come to),
and each has decided to kill the other. Believe me this is making the game
extremely interesting, but now a Vos character has stepped up and tries to
mediate differences (really out of character for this Vos). As DM I have so
far managed to stop them from murdering each other (I think it would disrupt
the entire group), but I feel I'm taking part of the natural role-playing

2) Coinciding with the above I've noticed the tendincy of the group in whole
to sway toward chaotic evil. Previously, I would say, as a group, they tended
to be neutral--to good. This isn't a problem in it's self, but what about the
lawful good priest in the group? He already is started to be alienated from
the rest.


B.S. Skinner