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    Phil Burge

    Paladin of Rournil

    Name: Phil Burge Age: 20
    Occupation: Student Yrs Role Playing: approximately 6
    Birthplace: Wellington, New Zealand
    Currently: The Same

    Role Playing Experience: Mainly AD&D but also Runequest, Star Wars,
    Shadow Run, + others.

    Hope this helps the poll.

    I have only recently joined this mailing list and this is my first post
    so hi there and help!

    I am currently DMing a BIRTHRIGHT campaign where the PCs are the rulers
    of Roesone, Illien and Medoere. I own the source books for each of these
    Domains and in the Medoere source book it mentions a "Champion of
    Rournil" who will be able to use the +5 Holy Avenger as a paladin.

    Any suggestions for the stat requirements for such a champion would be
    greatly appreciated.

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    Paladin of Rournil

    Concerning the holy avenger sword, perhaps one could stretch the definition
    of paladin (for use of that sword only) to a warrior of (very) strong devotion
    to Ruornil? Possibly one with a strong Vorynn-derived bloodline? Certainly
    one designated by Rournil's avatar. Maybe even the descendant of the few Vos
    who stayed loyal to Vorynn? Just some suggestions.


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