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    Karhgath Mindless

    I need your opinion!

    My DM is starting a new BR campaign and after looking at all the
    domains, I choosed Roesone. But, i'm not 100% sure, so I need your
    opinion. Here are some of the reasons I choosed it :

    1 - My character will be a military/tactician fighter, so Roesone is one
    of the most militaristic in the recommended domains.

    2 - It's a fairly new and always evolving domain, so I'm able to change
    lots of thing in it, the laws, etc. But my goal is not to become the
    most powerful domain, my goal is the same as my ancestor, Dean Roesone,
    to unified the nearby lands in one great kingdom. The scattered domains
    aren't a good way to prosper. I do not seek Anuires' Trone, but I
    looking to take the nearby lands under my control and unify them.

    3 - I got and old ennemy, Diemen, and with Ghoere just above me, I need
    to have a strict military to scout my borders. With Modere and Illien
    allied with me, and Endier helping me a little(another PJ), I think I
    can stand against my ennemies.

    4 - Lot's of plot ideas, with the spiderfell nearby, a civil war in
    Osoerde, Gohere above me, etc.

    5 - Roesone is one of the only really militaristic domain and I'm really
    looking to do a warrior/tacticien. It has a good army, but is fairly new
    and doesn't have lots of money. Its a good land to prosper and become
    more powerful very easily.

    Thats some of my opinions and thats why I choosed it, but, like I don't
    know all the domain by heart, Im not quite sure. If you have any
    comments/opinion/ideas about the domain I should pick I'll be glad to
    hear you, I think you know the whole world by heart and I doesn't =)

    Another subject, the Elves. I wanted to take Tuarhivel at first, but my
    friend took it. After reading lots of thing on elves, I found them TOO
    much anti-human. The 3 elves domains(sielwode, tuarhivel and rhuobhe)
    dislike humans and are closed to humans. I dont know about the north or
    west of the world, but I think there should be a friendly elf domain,
    maybe not a friendly barney one, but at least not a anti-humans one. I
    know we can create ours, but I think it should be a good add-on. But,
    I'm new to this world and I can have made some mistakes. Also, sorry
    about the grammar andspelling mistakes, english is my second language,
    so I've certainly made some.

    You're dismissed...
    Karhgath the Mindless

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    Jim Cooper

    I need your opinion!

    Karhgath Mindless wrote:
    > Hi,
    > My DM is starting a new BR campaign and after looking at all the
    > domains, I choosed Roesone. But, i'm not 100% sure, so I need your
    > opinion. Here are some of the reasons I choosed it :
    In regards to your post, I will try and answer your questions:

    Answer to:

    #1) I'm not sure if Roesone would be the *most* militaristic. Actually,
    this depends on the ruler/regent, so technically any domain could be
    militaristic. However, Roesone is the best if you want to play a
    warrior type character ... or, may I suggest Binsada?

    #2) The only thing I have to say about this is: I'm pretty sure the
    other domains are going to have something to say about you taking their
    lands away from them! Your goals seem to be noble, but are they really?
    I guess your DM will have to be the judge for this one :->

    #3) Scouts are always a good thing ... it helps to know who is coming to
    kill you ... In this case, though, I think you would probably be better
    in gaining a few more regular military units before opting for those
    more specialized units. One thing to remember though: your enemies will
    also have some friends ....>:-> Then again, maybe your friends are also
    their friends (heh, heh - this one is for you Anthony!)>:->

    #4) Definitely. Roesone is a good place to be from (and one of the
    better domain supplements, in my opinion).

    #5) Not necessarily so. Like I said in number 1, above, any domain can
    be made into a domain for a warrior/tactician. But your right, Roesone
    has plenty of room to expand.

    *As a side note, try looking at another one of the domain sourcebooks
    and see if you envision how a warrior player character can make it into
    a suitable domain; approach it from a 'warrior' point of view and ask:
    how can I gear this domain towards becoming a war machine?

    *Actually, I would say Dhoesone is about the closest your going to get
    for a pro-human 'elvish' domain. Can you blame the elves for their
    anger and dispute with the humans? Unfortunately for the elves, though,
    the humans are here to stay. The onus, however, lies with both parties:
    the elves have to realize the above and accept it; the humans have to
    realize the elves don't want to leave their homes anytime soon and
    respect that too. The question remains, who will take the first step?
    In my opinion, since they are the ones who have moved here last (and
    caused a lot of destruction I might add), the humans have the
    responsibility to act first. So the solution begins with that first
    important step - elves are probably waiting for the humans to
    acknowledge their responsibility in caring for the land and will become
    friendly from that point forward.
    Sadly, the unfortunate part about that is: old hatreds tend to die


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