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    Kurt Wiegel


    OK, if you want to know about me (you must really be bored):

    Name: Kurt N. Wiegel Age: 26
    Occupation: Chemist, PhD Cand. Yrs Role playing: 19
    Birthplace: London, Ohio Current Location: Hattiesburg,
    Role Playing Experience: D&D, AD&D, Star Frontiers, Top Secret,
    Torg, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Traveller, Call of Cthluhu,
    Cyberpunk 2020, Dragonlance Fifth Age, It came from the Late late late
    late show, Payrolls and Paychecks.

    Favorite systems/Worlds: Call of Cthluhu, Birthright, Dragonlance

    Other Hobbies: Work, School, Writing, Reading, Yelling at Alex
    Trebek on Jeopardy

    Favorite TV Shows: Frasier, Babylon 5, Millenium, X-Files

    Favorite Movies: Angel Heart, Grosse Pointe Blank, Bordello of Blood

    Enough to bore all of you out there to tears?

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    James Ruhland


    I feel like I'm on A&E now. . .

    Name: Porphyrogenetus Age: 28
    Real Name: check the header

    Occupation: Avtokrator Kai Basilius Rhomaion
    Real Occupation: Motel Manager
    Yrs Role playing: 18
    Birthplace: The Purple Chamber, Sacred Palace, Constantinople.
    Real Birthplace: Ft. Sill, Ok.
    Home: is where my heart is. (Constantinople in fantasy, Madison, Wis in
    Location: Hooterville, Co. (actually Mancos, Co; but same is same).

    Role Playing Experience: D&D, AD&D, Traveller, Megatraveller, Traveller:
    tNE, Traveller 4, Boot Hill, Top Secret, Shadowrun, Earthdawn, Vampire;
    tMasq, Werewolf: tApoc, and tried a plethora of others.

    Favorite systems/Worlds:Birthright, Shadowland 5.n (where n is whatever
    version Dave has up next. . .), Mystara.

    Other Hobbies: Reading (history, current events mags like TNR &tc),
    getting the Diva (heh; will *not* explain), movies, especially old movies,
    The Mud Bay Slackers.

    Favorite TV Shows: Babylon 5, X-Files (the good eps), NFL Films Super
    Bowl Memories (now *that's* how you blend backround music, great writing,
    and a great voice to create a "fantasy" experience.), um, like, I donno,
    what do you wanna watch?, The "Space Madness" ep of Ren n Stimpy, old
    movies, C-SPAN (booknotes, question time, particularly rousing debates, n
    PolySci forums; the chanel's more interesting when congress is out of
    session, like now. But now is for F.B. *sigh*.), Dr Who eps (no longer on.

    Favorite Movies: Old Movies (Fred & Ginger pics, *GWTW*, Waterloo Bridge,
    etc.), Ferris Beuller's Day off, Star Wars (trilogy, but pretending that
    Ewoks do not exist.), the Princess Bride, High Noon, Paint Your Wagon,
    "Fist Full of Dollars" trilogy. Of recient/current pics: Jackie Brown,
    Titanic (dispite the bad script and Leonardo DeCaprio, I still bawled like
    an infant.)
    Slackers, Clerks et al deserve special mention, of course. (I could go on
    and on. . .)

    Favorite Books: 13th Gen, Harry Turtledove's Videssos books (basically any
    one of his 3 series set in Videssos), the Stand, the Byzantine Revival &
    Byzantine State Finances in the 8th and 9th Centuries (both by Warren
    Treadgold), Timmothy Zahn's Star Wars trilogy, Cambridge Midieval History
    Vol. 4 (Byzantium and it's neihbours; if you carry both Pt I and Pt II with
    you everywhere you go for a couple months, your upper body strength will
    increase!), the Second Comming (actually not a book, just the Yeats poem),
    Thucydides Peloponnesian War, After Virtue (by Alisdair MacIntire), etc etc
    ad infinatum.

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    Since everybody is doing it...

    Name: check header
    Age: 22 (I'm feeling young now :)
    Sex: male
    Occupation: student
    Nationality: German
    years roleplaying: 7
    location : right at the moment Heidelberg
    birthplace: some little city in Germany that nobody's gonna know
    roleplaying experience: DSA (German RPG), AD&D (Birthright,
    Planescape, FR, Ravenloft), D&D, Shadowrun, Kult,
    limited experience: Vampire, Earthdawn
    Favourite RPG/worlds: Birthright, Planescape
    Hobbies: RPGs, reading, computer...

    favourite characters (I don't have a favourite class):
    Caliron Sunhawk (male elven knight)
    Alina (female aasimar paladin)
    Rince Harpell (male wild mage)

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    James Ray


    Name: James Ray
    Age: 26
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Printing
    Nationality: USA
    Location: Neoga, Illinois
    Roleplaying Experience: all of it D&D and AD&D - been playing off and on
    again since 82 or 83. Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms both left sour tastes
    in my mouth Really liked Dark Sun, unitl Troy Dennings books made it a
    "kill the sorceror kings befor somebody else does" kinda monty haul thing
    Planescape and Ravenloft are ok, but they really let the writers go nuts
    makin up new rules

    really fell outt touch with game whortly before 2nd Edit came out, and lost
    interest till Dark Sun came out (and brought back amazing world of
    Psionics) that led me to Ravenloft, and the two carried me through my tour
    with Marines from 89 to 93, and i then discovered Planescape and, finally,

    sincerely hoping they get all the BR stuff out befor 3rd edition comes
    along and changes everything - dont want a Forgotten Realms-style rash of
    divine deaths and divine ascensions making life miserable in MY Cerilia (ha

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