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>From the Darkness we came,
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The Cerilian Times
Issue 39 (Summer/576 MR)

A Vaumel Publishing Production.
Edited by Stephanie Vaumel, from her Imperial City offices.
19 Imperial Street, Government District, Anuire City.

Other offices in Skapa Hjarring (Halskapa)
Alaroine (Alamie)

Reporters: Various Merchants, Travellers, and Bards.
Printing By: Royal College of Sorcery
Archive Site: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Realm/8501/

Haelynir - Deismir 576 MR


Baron of Roesone Surrenders to Ghoere:
Farrel Kawn, Baron of Roesone has surrendered to the forces of Ghoere's n=
Archduke Vaesil Tael in return for his life and half the current Roesone
treasury. The former baron has now left his castle in the city of Ilien o=
one of his three ships and is now believed to be bound for lands to the
south, perhaps Mieres. The three ships are believed to be loaded down wit=
a large amount of gold taken from the former Roesone treasury. The rest o=
the money has been handed over to Archduke Tael and his armies.
This end to the battle without any more fighting came as a surprise to
many, especially the knights of Haelyn from the Impregnable Heart of Hael=
who were preparing to strike at the Roesone armies from inside the city o=
Ilien where they are based. The armies of Roesone have now been disbanded
though, but many still remain committed to the idea of Roesone and there
may be trouble to come for those Archduke Tael has elected to rule his
newly conquered lands.
Soon after the surrender of Roesone the Archduke of Ghoere gave a short
speech proclaiming that all foreign powers must withdraw the holding from
his new lands or be driven out. He also declared that Ghorien Hiriele is
now the official guilder of all Ghoere's lands, the Sword Mage the offici=
wizard and the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn the official temples of all of
the lands outside Ghoere proper. The Impregnable Heart will also be given
part of the former Roesone to rule.

Three new states formed in the former Roesone:
Following the surrender of the Baron of Roesone to the forces of Archduke
Tael the former Barony of Roesone has been carved up into three separate
The first is the former County of Ilien which was captured several years
ago by Baron Kawn's armies. The province and city now return to the contr=
of the Aglondier family with the former count's daughter Alliene Aglondie=
taking over as ruler. The province will now be known as the Free city of
Ilien and is expected to become the home of the Ghoere navy, which until
recently had been based in Osoerde. Alliene as a former member of the
eastern temple of Nesirie may also mark a return of the religion which wa=
driven out by the expansion of Rournil's Celestial Spell into Ilien. In i=
new position as a Free City it is expected that Trade will increase as th=
tariffs and taxes introduced by Baron Kawn are removed to allow traders a=
merchant ships to travel freely through Ilien.
The second of the new states is the new Theocracy of Haelynil which takes
up all of southern Roesone and the capital in Caercas. The Impregnable
Heart of Haelyn and its high priest, Hubaere Armiendin are expected to ru=
these land for Ghoere as a reward for their long support of Archduke Tael.
It is not known how the people of these provinces will take being ruled a=
a theocracy, especially one forced on them by the tides of war. However
under Baron Kawn there was much unrest in recent month and many may welco=
the rise of the IHH to rule the lands of southern and central Roesone. It
is expected that in coming month the Impregnable Heart will announce an
expansion of their temple in Caercas, which until recently was being used
by Baron Kawn's men as an inn and barracks.
The final new state to be formed is the Barony of Bellam which covers the
three northern provinces of the former Roesone with Bellam as its capital.
Sedrie Bellamie, long serving count of Bellam has been given the title of
Baron of Bellam by Vaesil Tael in return for his support during the wars
with Baron Kawn's soldiers. Not much is known about the new Baron but it =
thought that he has been a long time supporter of Ghoere, ever since Marl=
Roesone was killed, leaving her Barony in the hands of her Halfling
Lieutenant, Farrel Kawn.
What will become of these new states is yet to be seen, but with the
renewed might of Ghoere behind them they may be strong enough to survive.

Attack by Rjuvik against Taeghas fails:
The pirates of Rjuvik were led into a trap this month by Prince Avan and
his vassal Taeghas. Planning a massive raid against the rich coastal
provinces of Taeghas the northerners hoped to sweep into the province of
Portage and then make their escape before the Taeghas armies could respon=

Their plans did not go as they hoped though. Avanil learned of their atta=
plans from an unnamed source and moved all of the soldiers and ships
currently holding onto Albiele Island to Taeghas in time to meet the
invaders. The ground force of Taeghas and the Taeghan Outfitters were abl=
to smash the enemy troops and when the Rjuvik invaders attempted to escap=
by ship the Avanil navy was waiting for them. Their small fleet of about
ten longships was no match for the might Avanil navy who made short work =
the Rjuvik vessels. Of the entire force that was sent south it is believe=
that maybe two hundred soldiers and two or three ships managed to escaped.
Prince Avan has claimed a massive victory over the raiders who have been
threatening the west coast for some time. The Avanil government now hopes
that this will put to an end the raids by pirates from Rjuvik and the oth=
northern lands. There has been no news from the land of Rjuvik over the
losses but it is expected to be unwelcome news.

Osoerde and CSH strike back at invaders:
The Duchy of Osoerde has stuck back at the Aerenwe invaders driving them
from the provinces of Gulfport and Spiritsend. Although this still leaves
two provinces occupied by either Aerenwe or Coerany's soldiers it is
believed that Ghoere may be sending a small army to assist their allies i=
Osoerde soon. This force combined with the armies of the Church of Storm'=
Height and Osoerde may be enough to drive out the invaders unless they ha=
more forces in reserve.
It is still unknown what has bought about the invasion of Osoerde by
Aerenwe. The Church of Storm's Height has always claimed that the King of
Aerenwe is mad. As unlikely as this is his actions against Osoerde,
considering its allegiance with Ghoere make little sense. Coeranys on the
other hand has taken their action in retaliation against the invasion of
their allies Elinie by Osoerde. They have managed to capture one of
Osoerde's provinces and although they did not press home their advantage
last season still have a strong position on Osoerde soil.

The Duchess of Brosengae surrenders to Avanil:
Following a long siege of her provinces by Avanil the sudden surrender of
the duchess of Brosengae to the forces of Avanil was a surprise to everyo=
who had been watching the conflict. In return for the promise of a
reasonable income and a comfortable exile the duchess agreed to surrender
her lands to Prince Avan's force who have been surrounding the Duchy for
several months.
Prince Avan agreed and has appointed his ally Gael Iniere as the new
Duchess of Brosengae. The new duchess has already announced the lowering =
the tax rate across Brosengae's provinces and festivals to celebrate the
ending of a long conflict.
In an exclusive interview the Duchess has this to say.

"I am sorry to say but I am signing off as ruler of Brosengae.
The war all started because of Sloere of the Taeghan Outfitters.. He ask=
me to help him eject Avanil from Taeghas and ally with him against Prince
Avan. I thought it was a ploy to get rid of me (the competition). That =
why I went into Taeghas with only 4 units and not an army, to see what he
would do. I knew I was allied with Avanil and didn't expect them to get
involved and was unsure how to react to their siding with him. I was ver=
angry about Avanil siding with him
because I was also Avanil's ally and they sided with him and I thought
Avanil did so because they thought of me as unconcequencial. Anyway I
think I put a thorn in their side for long enough.
For the record I never attacked Avanil's troops, ships or lands, only tho=
owned by my sworn enemy Taeghas. This is the proof I have of Sloere's

To her Sublime Excellency, Eirene Mierelen, Duchess of Brosengae, from hi=
Honourable Lordship, Facelies Sloere, greetings. For many years our two
realms have had cool relationships, which has profited neither of us. It =

time for us to combine our efforts in a secret alliance, to throw out the
foreign agents that infiltrate both our lands and thus threaten their
stability. With our combined wealth, we should be able to make my 'friend=
Harold Khorien see the errors of his policy towards this foreign power th=
sees itself as the future core of an empire, and which imperils us. They
outrage us with their demands, and grasp hold of the law officers in both
our homes, denying freedom to our people. Together, we can overthrow this
threat, and reap much benefit besides.

To her grace, Eirene Mierlen, Duchess of Brosengae, from your friend,
Facellies Sloere, greetings. I am sorry to see that Avanil beat you off.
We will have to do as you say. I will talk to the lord of Mieres, and I
hope he will find the time right. I am making plans now, and would like t=
know who the other allies that you speak of are, so that I will know who =
our friend in the coming fight. I will send you details of my plan in the
next few days, and suggestions on how to conduct your own campaign with
them in mind. For now, I would suggest that you not reply to any messages
Avan might send you; we do not want to give anything away.

To her noble grace, Eirene Mierelen, Duchess of Brosengae, from your frie=
and ally, Facellies Sloere, Guildmaster, greetings.
We have made our preparations. I have 2,000 troops which will join with
your forces in battle when you cross the boarder. However, I suggest that
you invade with more than the 600 troops you sent last time. I have a fle=
that will
take on Avanil's fleet stationed in Taeghas. I suggest that you build a
fleet to take out his navy in the Aerenbae. The Governor of Mieres will
move against Avanil's holdings in his nation, but seems reluctant to join
us militarily
(do to some conflict he says he had with you in the past. He wouldn't
elaborate). I suggest you invade next month, then spend the following two
months destroying Avan's holdings in your lands. I will do the same in
mine, and Mieres in his. Please tell me if you have gained any other alli=
for this endeavour.

These are some of the missives between us. I expected his treachery and =
see Avanil fell for it. Sloere is a cunning man and not to be trusted.
Now you can understand why so many people want him dead and the reason fo=
so many death threats. As for Boeruine his attack was at a planned time
but I would suspect Sloere knew about it and used it to his advantage to
make sure he was in Avanil's favour. I wish for no more hostilities and
wish to settle our differences. However giving Taeghas anything is

Thanks you my Friends.
Eriene Mierelen, Duchess of Brosengae.


The Empire of Anuire:

(4/4 - Boeruine) There have been several sinkings of ships belonging to t=
Boeruine People's guild. Each of the ships was sunk by magical means
(usually magical fire) and took place just outside the city of Seasedge.
The Boeruine government has investigated the attacks and has said that th=
sinkings were likely the actions of Elves upset about the recent attack o=
the lands of Rhuobhe Manslayer. There seems little that Boeruine or the
guild can do to prevent these attacks at the moment as the Elven arsonist=
seem to be able to move freely through the defences of some of Boeruine's
most populous provinces.

(9/4 - Aerenwe) The province of Algael, formerly part of Osoerde is now
officially part of Aerenwe after an investiture ceremony conducted by the
Eastern Temple of Nesirie. Large numbers of new Aerenwe troops have now
moved into the province, and have been based around the Algael Fortress
which was built many years ago to protect western Osoerde from invaders.
Having failed in its task the fortress now serves to protect Aerenwe from
counter invasions from Osoerde.

(10/4 - Ghoere) A ceremony in Ghoere this week has been held to celebrate
the rise of Vaesil Tael to the position of Archduke of Ghoere. There wher=
however few other regents attending the ceremony. Only the Duke of Alamie
and direct allies of Ghoere attended a disappointment to the expectations
of Vaesil Tael. The festivals and ceremonies held where very popular with
the people of Ghoere however as a two day holiday was declared across
Ghoere with free food and ale being handed out by the government.

(17/4 - Boeruine) The remaining armies and naval forces belonging to the
Boeruine People's guild have been handed over the Archduke Boeruine
recently. It is believed that Arien Borthien no longer has any use for th=
for some reason.

(19/4 - Avanil) The missing son of Darien Avan has turned up again. We do
not have the details here but he is believed to be alive and well. The
reward for his safe return has now been cancelled.

(24/4 - Cariele) The wizard known as the Eyeless One has been driven from
the lands of Cariele by the forces of the regent, Mheallie Bireon. It is
believed in Cariele that the wizard was behind the magical attacks agains=
the government. It is not known if this is true or not, but the governmen=
certainly believes so.

(27/4 - Talinie) Agents from Solomon Deephole have been seen in Talinie
recently. Some are now talking of an alliance between the southern guilde=
and Bannier Andien. There is even talk of Darkreach troops being seen in
Talinie, although this is though to be unlikely.

(3/5 - Tuornen) The following message has been circulated around Haesrien
over recent days.

"Look around you my people, look at what independence has brought to your
lands. Don't you tire of the constant war? Don't you crave law and order=
Don't you wish you had a strong ruler whose loyalty was to you, rather th=
one who sits on a throne provinces away and calls another land home?
Do you wish you had an army of your own that could defend you rather than
one supported by heretical churches and domineering outsiders?
But despair not my people, for your great brothers across the river are
ready to welcome you into their mighty empire. you have a leader across t=
river who will defend your interests alone. That puppet who sits in your
castle right now while her "people" die on the bloody fields of your land=
in the name of an arrogant prince who desires nothing but absolute power,
demand that she abdicates immediately and transfers her power to your
rightful ruler.
My people, liberation is at hand. at this very moment your countrymen,
your army fights to you from the menace. Join them my brothers. It is tim=
to come home to your saviour: The Duke Carilon Alam."

(7/5 - Aerenwe) The mysterious High Mage Aelies has been seen assisting t=
Aerenwe armies in their invasion of Osoerde. This is believed to be one o=
the few time he has been seen outside the forests of the Erebannien and m=
mark a change in policy by the wizard.

(18/5 - Osoerde) Despite a strong counter attack from Osoerde the Aerenwe
soldiers in Algael have managed to hold onto the much fought over castle.
Aerenwe's armies in Spiritsend and the troops sent to invade Gulfport hav=
been badly defeated and forced to retreat back to Algael where the armies
are now gathering for a new invasion attempt.

(22/5 - Taeghas) There have been two assassination attempts on the head o=
the Taeghan Outfitters, both have failed. Facellies Sloere is said to be
alive and well and so far unharmed by the attempts on his life. The
assassins however died in the attack and their bodies have been sent to t=
Imperial City for identification and to determine who sent them. It is
believed that hired mercenaries, only just employed by Facellies Sloere
before the attack were able to hold off the assassins and kill them befor=
they could even attempt to kill the guilder.

(19/6 - Cariele) There has been further conflict between the armies of
Cariele and the massed troops of the Goblin King of the Five Peaks. Like
the previous attacks in the province of Floodspeath however this also
failed, with more massive losses on both sides.

(30/6 - Boeruine) Arien Borthien of the Boeruine people's Guild today
announced that he would be taking an extended holiday south of Cerilia in=
the unknown lands along the east coast of the Adurian continent. Until hi=
return Shannen Boeruine, who has been serving as his lieutenant will be
running the guilds of Boeruine.

The Rjurik Highlands:

(15/4 - Halskapa) A new castle is now under construction in the province =
Skapa Hjarring. This new fortress is being planned as a major improvement
to the weak northern defences of Halskapa and to help protect against any
attacks from the Scarlet Baron of other enemies.

(18/5 - Jankaping) Competition between the two main temples of the Rjurik
land, the Oaken Grove and the Emerald Spiral seems to be hotting up with
both now fighting for the worship of the people of Jankaping. Although th=
Emerald Spiral is the official temple of Jankaping and most of the northe=
Rjurik nations the Oaken Grove has made recent gains, especially in the
Jankaping where many are now turning to the more urban faith the Oaken
Grove offers, turning away from the more traditional ways of the Emerald
Spiral. Many believe that this is because the people are following the le=
of King who has been busy expanding his merchant empire and seeking to
trade with other nations.

(28/5 - Stjordvik) There looks to be more trouble looming in the Rjurik
lands. The King of Stjordvik, Gundred the Strong has over recent month be=
slowly pushing his jarls out of his kingdom. Like the other lands where
similar actions have been taken the Jarls are said to be most upset and
planning to remove the errant king at the earliest possibility.

(29/6 - Rjuvik) There has been much talk recently of an alliance between
the Oaken Grove and others to oust the ruler of Rjuvik, Lady Dagmar. An
agent of another power in the region, who wishes to remain anonymous,
passed on several incriminating letters to us showing that the Oaken Grov=
and Bannier Andien have been conspiring together to gain control of all o=
the Taelshore kingdoms and put their own agents in power. Now if this is
true or not we do not know put observations of the Oaken Grove temples in
Rjuvik did show an increase in activity, as though they are planning


(9/5 - Massenmarch) The armies of Massenmarch have been seen heading for
the border with Kiergard, perhaps they intend on taking on the Gorgon's
troops just across the border. This seems unlikely though, but they may b=
their to assist the Gorgon against the rebel forces that have been plagui=
his lands for over a years now. If this is true and these two powers are
allied then trouble looms for all others in the region.


(15/4 - Aftane) The province of Shoufal in Aftane has just fallen to a
large army sent from Zikala. The army was said to include a large number =
Ogre's summoned by the Zikalan wizards to fight along with the regular
army. With the city of Shoufal now under their control, and Adaba occupie=
by Ariya the Red Kings of Aftane look to be losing the long running war
with the nations of Ariya, Zikala, and Binsada.

(19/5 - Aftane) We have just learned that a massive army has set out from
Aftane province bound for Shoufal, the city captured by Zikala only last
month. The army is expected to arrive in the next couple of months and is
expected to through out the Zikalan invaders quite easily, unless new
troops are sent by Zikala and its allies to protect the captured city.


IHH condemns the WIT's Undead Policy:
Regents and people of Anuire,
the recent Undead summoning by the High Priest of the Western Imperial
Temple, Rhobher Nichalier, is a disgrace, not only to his own powerful
order, but to all Anuirean temples of Goodness. Like the Orthodox
Imperial Temple of Haelyn in Diemed, my church condemns his evil actions
and now counts the WIT among its enemies until a new ruler replaces
Nichalier as High Priest. Until then, I can only hope that the regents
of the surrounding region will spent the necessary time to invest the
consequences of the Undead summoning, especially in regards to its effect=
on the mysterious link between Cerilia and the Shadow World.

High Prefect Armiendin of the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn.

IHH announces the formation of the Theocracy of Haelynil:
To the fair people of former Central Roesone:
It is hereby announced that High Prefect Hubaere Armiendin of the
Impregnable Heart of Haelyn assumes the title of High Theocrat of Haelyni=
including the former roesonean provinces of Caercas, Edlin,
Duerlin, and Abbatuor.
Heed the words of the High Theocrat:
"Haelynil is now a theocracy of the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn. This
demands reforms and changes to the current ways of living: No longer shal=
thieves and bandits rule the streets, no longer shall trade merchants
succeed using illegal methods of operation, no longer shall foul creature=
roam the dark hours and disturb our sleeps, no longer shall the evil,
unlawful and unjust prevail. With the defeat of the infidel and mad High
Priest Lenviath da Enlien of Rournil, a Cloak of Shadow has been lifted a=
across Southern Anuire, and the people of
Haelynil can once again be happy and free, and continue the journey towar=
well-deserved prosperity and increased welfare."


Speech given by Facellies Sloere to honour the recient dead:
"It has long been a custom to give a speech to dedicate a monument to the
honoured dead. Mere words cannot give greater glory to the fallen than th=
have achieved in battle. However, since our ancestors have given us this
tradition, it becomes my obligation to try and meet with its requirements
as best I may."
"I shall begin with our ancestors, who by courage and honour built our
nation, and handed it down free to the present time. And if our distant
ancestors deserve respect, so do our own fathers, who spared no efforts =

leave to us this great land."
"Still more do we owe to those here, who by there efforts stemmed the tid=
of foreign aggression. And we owe honour even to our fallen foes, who
served with honour and dignity a cause that deserved neither, but were no=
the less loyal to it to the end."
"Our enemies deserve our respect. But it is good to dwell on the qualitie=
that brought us to our lands, and make us the envy of our foes. We
celebrate the arts, not just strength of arms. The greatness of our
Imperial City draws the produce Cerilia into our harbours. We throw our
lands open to the world, and never by laws exclude foreigners from any
opportunity within our lands."
"In proof of our strength, our enemies do not invade our lands on their
own, but seek instead allies to assist them. Our united strength has yet =
encounter any enemy capable of matching it, though they give their lives
with dignity."
"Our foes died as honourable Rjurik should, and our compatriots served an=
sacrificed as a noble Anuirean should. You, the survivors, must determine
to have as unaltering a resolve in your endeavours, though we pray to the
gods that it may have a happier outcome."
"You must reflect that it was by courage, and duty, and a sense of honour
in action that allowed us to achieve this great victory. These fallen lai=
at the feet of their homeland the greatest gift they could offer. For thi=
offering of their lives, made in common by them all, they each deserve th=
renown which never grows old, and for their tomb not a pile of bricks in
which their bones will lay, but that most noble of shrines, the right to =
remembered eternally for their deeds."
"For hero's have the whole of Cerilia for their tomb, and their deeds wil=
be commemorated for all time. Take this victory for your model, and judge
happiness to be the fruit of our freedom and valour."

Official announcement sent from the Impregnable Heat of Haelyn:
Honourable Lord and Advisor of the Empire of Old, Caliedhe Dosiere,
The temple, of which I am High Prefect, have been a lesser temple in
South-western Anuire for decades, and therefore I have never mingled in
Imperial politics like those at the Court of Anuire. But now, with the
influence of my church rapidly increasing and the announcement of a new
Theocracy of Haelyn in former central Roesone, I believe it time for me t=
put pressure on our leading regents in the name of Goodness and Welfare f=
all Anuire. As a high ranking priest of Haelyn, the Anuirean High God, I
consider it my duty to strive for a united Anuire, not for profits,
expansion and questionable glory, but for peace and protection against th=
ancient enemies: the Shadow and his spawn, the Awnsheghlien.
While I struggle for peace and justice along the Southern Coast, it is wi=
grief I see how the population explosion throughout Anuire is used to fee=
to armies of power mad rulers.
Like yourself I have lived in Anuire for more then 75 years, and I am
growing weary of the needless and greedy expansions as the expenses of th=
hard-working Anuirean people. But I am at a loss: How does one make
peace without war? Should a landed regent serve his people at all costs a=
ignore the peoples of other nations? Or should he serve a greater
responsibility and fight for what he believes to be good, and "liberate"
enemy territory?
Such questions make no sense without a proper definition of goodness. But
with no shared ruler, an common Anuirean Emperor, there is no one define
goodness once and for all. I know, defining an abstract term like
goodness, sounds ridiculous, but we need it if we are ever to grow beyond
our own petty subjective definitions. We need simple and clear guidelines.
And powerful rulers to enforce them.
And in the absence of an Emperor, who else to turn to, than the wise and
honourable Imperial Advisor of Old? There are countless regents in Anuire
who remain loyal to the old traditions and are willing to fight for an
allied, united and peaceful Anuire. So, like it or no, I feel that, as
Imperial Advisor, it is time for you to give some Imperial Advice, and
provide glues as of how Anuire might surpass its current state of never
ending internal struggle.
Caliedhe Dosiere, you have both the power, the wisdom, and the
responsibility to provide such advice.

High Theocrat of Haelynil
High Prefect of the Impregnable Heart of Haelyn

King Alaric of Rohrmarch announce sale of foreign assets:
People of Rohrmarch, listen!
I heard many people were troubled with my actions of late, but behold, I =
thy King and I try to give my reign as much sense as possible. As such, I
accept critics and their opinions on how to reign better, but beware that
such critics should be given to me directly, in the face and in hopes of
improvement. So they better be brought at my court and not whispered arou=
my back. As such I proclaim a monthly session at the palace where
grievances can be voiced, in a upbuilding manner. I will be personally
available to all who want to complain. I expect your loyalty in building
our great nation together. I will not be deaf to your suggestions as my
next action will prove. Upon repeated negative rumours, I have decided to
withdraw from foreign interests from the province Korven's Hold on the
island of Caelcorwynn. See, dear people, your voices will be heard.

Alaric I.

Rohrmarch government calls for religious unity:
People of the free country of Rohrmarch, Listen!
>From this date, the church of Her Grace Delma Flussen will be the state
religion. Her church will conduct official religious activities for the
Royal House as most preferred religion. However, as Kirche is Haelyn's
right hand, both in myth and in the pantheon, so will he be in our countr=
Many of my people follow the path of Kirche, and they will not be deprive=
of their religious lord. In our fair country, the paths of Haelyn and
Cuiraecen are ordered to live next to each other and with one another to
strengthen our nation's people and defensive capabilities as Lord Haelyn
strides the battlefields with Kirche as his lieutenant general on his rig=
side. As such, I order the combined churches of Kirche to withhold their
claims on temples in the province of Rohrgaard to one addition of their
churches so that a temple of Haelyn's Warriors can be established. (Game
terms, combined Kirche churches maximum of level 3 holdings, HW has to
build a level 1 temple). Thus the churches are in perfect harmony on the
country. Neither is the stronger, and this is ordered to stay that way.
Expansion at the cost of the other is by this decree forbidden upon
punishment by the Crown. Expansion outside the realms borders is none of =
ruling, so feel free to do so. The churches of Kirche shall be present in
the courts as well, with their ceremonies and military advice. Both
religious paths are compelled to send emissaries to function as generals =
the armies of Rohrmarch.
Thus I have ruled.

Alaric I

Arien Borthien announces trip to Aduria.
"Dear Victim of War and Displacement of Rightful Rulership,"
"I am Arien Borthein, Guilder of the Boeruine People's Guild and Five Pea=
Providers. I am very sorry to hear of your predicament. And I wish that
there were something I can do to help you. But since I am leaving this
autumn for a long time, I cannot. But the one who will be looking after m=
guilds while I am gone can. I have given her instructions that if you wer=
to request assistance in reclaiming and securing your realms, then that s=
should help in whatever way she could. You will not receive help from a
powerful country, but you can receive help from a powerful guild. Please
talk with her. Wish me luck on my journey, maybe I will come to visit you
in a couple of years, and please come to my festival to see me off!"

Arien Borthien announce coming festival:
"Greetings, fair peoples of Cerilia," I am Arien Borthein, Guildmaster of
the Boeruine People's Guild and the Five Peaks Providers.
If you have heard of me and taken any notice of my doings, then I am
honoured. But whoever you are, I come to you with an invitation: This
autumn, on the first week, I will be leaving for a fairly lengthy vacatio=
I must admit, that I do not like war or killing, and to see it going on
around me, and escalating into what I can only see as destruction for us
all is terrible to my eyes. And what is worse is to know that there is
nothing that I can do about it."
"I have decided therefore, that I need a vacation forile, to see the othe=
sites of the world and to bring peace to myself before I can bring myself
to face the horrors that my own people are committing again. So that is w=
I leave this autumn, to take a vacation for one year. I shall be leaving =
island of Western Baerghos the very start of next season, and I wish to
throw a small celebration before I leave. Everyone is invited, from Abrei=
the Cobbler who I pass on Colney Street every Firlen, to the Prince-Palad=
of Ariya, to the Archduke of Boeruine himself. And if the Prince of Avani=
the Count of Taeghas, or Guilder Sloere wish to come as well, they are
welcome to. This is a private affair, not bearing any relation to the
Archduke's Alliance and the conflict with the Prince's Union. There is ju=
one requirement if you come to my party: that you do not bring any
conflicts with other peoples with you. I will do my best to see that this
is a neutral affair, even if it is the last of it's kind upon the face of
Anuire, I want it to be so. Upon my very deepest honour, I will see to it
that this will be a time and place which is peaceful to everyone attendin=
I hope to see at least a few people their, it will give me a good feeling
as I set off."
"The festival will be held for one week, the very first week of Erntenir,
at the end of which I will sail off with my two galleons, my roundship, a=
the two galleons of someone who contacted me saying they would be going t=
same way (you know who you are...:). The party will be held on my island =
Western Baerghos. It isn't in the slightest bit So please attend!
Celebrations, great food, and entertainment for all! The best kickin' par=
that my money can buy!"
~Arien Borthein, Guilder of the BPG and FPP.

Warning from Lady Dagmar of Rjuvik:
To my people of Rjuvik,

I have discovered that there is a southerner operating in Rjuvik that is
trying to take this land from you. He is working with the Jarls that now
call themselves the Jarls Alliance. His name is F. Sloere. He is trying =
turn us from our true
friends and assist his ways in the south. This will not happen in my
kingdom. To stop this guilder and his Jarl lackeys I must raise your tax=
to capture all those that oppress us.

Please bear with me.
Queen Dagmar

Bannier Andien is declared the official guild of Thurazor:
"Tie'skar Graecher II the Goblin King of Thurazor, Supporter of Beer
Drinking and Dwarf Throwing Contests, Inventor of the Famous Annual
Fornication & Silly Haelyn Joke Festival=99 declares Andien's Mercantile =
the official guild of Thurazor and declared at the same time that the GTh
guild is ruled by Dwarves and Dwarf-lovers and should be treated like