One good way to do this is to put a limit on the number of mages on the
continent and stick to it! If your PC mage dies off, you're not going to
get another one. Henchman/lieutenant mages should be even more rare.

If someone really wants to do magic, they can always opt to be a priest
of Ruornil too. This limits the wizardly power the PC has; even then,
priests are only about twice as common as mages. Let's face it -- most
people with PC level capabilities are going to be warriors.


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> >>I don't know. Does anyone else like or dislike this "feeling"? It
> revolves
> around the power of wizardly magic vs its rarity.
> Randax
> Well, I like the way the rare but powerful magic works in Birthright.
> I think
> it works out well as long as you keep wizards that can cast true magic
> mean, the way the game is now, a mage is a rare thing, but is a force
> to be
> reconed with. I think it keeps with the "historic" feel of most of the
> classic
> fantisy literature. Look at Tolken. In his stories magic users were
> rare, but
> man the stuff they could do! Letting wizards keep that potential of
> power
> seems to make the magic in Cerilla more "mythical" than in other
> campaigns.
> The key, I think, is to keep it rare.
> >
> Heh...Good ta be back Randax ;)
> Blastin
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