> I don't know. Does anyone else like or dislike this "feeling"? It
> around the power of wizardly magic vs its rarity.
Hmmmn, a little bit, but not a lot. Wizads on the battlefield, with their
Battle Magic, are more disruptive, IMO, than Realm Spells. However, a
little spell called Dispel Battle Magic (or whatever, I think that's the
name of it, but I don't have it right here in front of me) can return the
fight to "real" warriors right quick. Point is, just as one doesn't want to
get Darien Avan (for example) mad at you, one doesn't want to get High Mage
Aelies P.O.d, either. I think their relative power is about simmilar.
Perhaps that makes us uneasy because we're more familiar, and comfortable,
with temporial superpowers than with arcane ones (or supernatural, priestly