Hi folks,

How about producing a multi-campaign adventure?

My players wanted to organise a race through Cerillia with as many
contestants as possible.

When you are player in an campaign in Cerillia please forward this to
your DM.

When you are DMing a campaign in Cerillia, please read the message below
to your players and let them roleplay if they want to take part in this
race (perhaps you let a messenger disrupt one of the regents boring
Remind them that this event may be an opportunity for diplomatic matters,
sightseeing a (unknown,) beautiful part of Cerillia, getting info about
other regents, getting hold of a gnomish submarine (see warcard MV#1
(homepage-address at the bottom of this message)).
Set the date of the race whenever it seems appropriate for your campaign.

Then send me a message containing

- - short personal info of the contestants like:
Ludwig von Schaeffen (MBr; F9; Br, great, 42; LN)

- - special considerations about the PCs (personal enemies?)

- - name of the domain they rule

- - short discription of the means of transportation

- - info of the route they (want to) take

- - list of bodyguards (if any)

I'll produce a document with all informations of and send it back to you.
You may then play this adventure on your own, so the outcome may be
different in all campaigns taking part.



Dear Lords and Ladies

We, the regents of Berhagen, invite you to the rally Zikala - Berhagen,
the first cerillian race for coaches, waggons and carts of every sort. We
would be glad if you are so kind as to follow our invitation.

Rules are quite simple:
1) Transport the token from the capital of Zikala to Holstadt in

2) All sorts of coaches, waggons and carts are allowed.

3) All means of transportation have to master the whole distance on their
from the sart to the finish.

4) No flying, magical or teleporting facilities are allowed.

5) No aggression against other contestants.

Please bring a fee of 1 GB to match at least a part of our expences.
The winner receives a submarine, a unique ship, which operates under

All contestants please send message to us.

Best regards,

Baron Ludwig von Schaeffen
Regent of Berhagen

You need warcards?
Have a look at http://www.student.uni-augsburg.de/~voelkman/warcard.html
E-Mail: Manfred.Voelk@student.uni-augsburg.de