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>Two related questions on Race. The descriptions and the illustrations of
>the Khinasi and Vos seem to be rather different to me. Are the Khinasi
>Black or Semitic? Are the Vos Slavic or Mongolian? Never mind the cultures
>which are easy enough to reconcile. Except if the Vos turn out to be Mongol
>Vikings. That's a little odd at the least.
Keep in mind that the human races of Cerilia are INFLUENCED BY real human
races, but are not simply representations of historical cultures or real
human races.

The Khinasi are both black and semitic, with even a little farther eastern
culture thrown in. The Vos are both Slavic and Mongolian, and some of their
coastal nations have strong viking traditions (though the Rjurik, with
their Celtic-Scandanavian cross have even more viking similarities).

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