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Thread: Halfling Powers

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    Halfling Powers

    > Hello Again,
    > Exactly how do you describe how a halfling's shadow walk and
    > dimension door work. One of my players asked, and asked what the
    > functional difference between the spells was, and I had an awful
    > time trying to come up with a meaningful difference. Any help out
    > there?
    > Jonathan

    I had a bit of trouble with this one to start with. I decided that
    the way the thing's described in the novels was the best basis, not
    the spells, since the only real difference is the distance you can
    travel, when you apply them to the concept of Shadow World travel.
    When a halfling wanted to use his ability, I'd have him make the roll
    to get into the SW (depending on the circumstances etc.), once there
    he could walk around as normal - time working differently meant that
    when he returned to normality, the effect would seem instantaneous.
    This meant that he had to face the inherent risks of Visceral
    Beasties From Beyond The Dawn Of Time roaming his patch of the SW.
    Once at his destination - which he could choose by using his halfing
    ability to see into the SW - while in the SW I had it work in reverse
    and he could see into the real world - and make another roll to drop
    out again. He could not be trapped there, as the 'duration' effects
    from the original spell description were applied, as he would
    automatically drop back out once he had spent a certain amount of
    time there. It worked OK in the end and didn't unbalance things too

    Hope it helps,


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    Halfling Powers

    Hi Hoss,
    ALL powers that are natural or granted act just like the spell of the same
    name minus the casting time or material componets. All natural powers take 1
    segment to use, & granted powers are the same.

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