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hello, Adam Theo here,
well, i am now running 3 simultaneous centers of action in my BR Camp.
it is the beginning of year 556, we've taken lots of time over the past
year(i'm sure that many of you have gotten very far into the time
passage thing) to role-play and adventure. i just thought that i had
better make up for being off the list for so long. so i thought that
what i could do with are spome plots that DMs have used in their
political and military areas of their BR world. here's basically what's
happened in mine, if you are interested: not in chrono-order.

Spider invaded Medoere, failed (not PC influenced)
Diemed invaded Medoere (PC influenced-blunder on their part)
after 1 1/4 years, Diemed finally wins, with help from Endier. (PC
influenced. they tried to help Medoere, but failed)
Medoere was assisted by Ilien
Roesone did not help, since the regent (Landen Roesone, a PC, was a
religious fanatic and didn't like the religion and theocracy of
medoere. he is/was priest of Haelyn and took control of the IHH, making
Roesone a theocracy.)
Duchess of Tournen (an NPC, is assasinated, and no heir, so PCs, who
were regents in Tournen try to pick up the pieces. a new wizard in the
area makes deal with WIT to claim provinces for him, and then will make
WIT the official church. at same time, the major guilder of the area
(started from scratch, with early support from the duchess, tries to
claim the southern two provs of T. Tour's Hold and Alamsreft.) but as
soon as Alamie is able to mobilize, they attack into T., which is *very*
weak. Wiz of T tries realm spells, but is loosing b/c not enough RP.
finally throws last of strength, hoping that will do enough, and as he
is about to loose, Prince Avan presents deal: he will send in forces to
drive Alamie off for good if Wiz becomes vassal to Avan. Avan will make
him official Wiz to Greater Avanil, comprising of Avanil and lands of
Tournen. why Avan does not have Khorien is explained below. Avan makes
similar deal with befopre mentioned guilder, saying that if he becomes
vassal, he will become official guilder to Greater Avanil, and makes
similar deal to WIT. Wiz was reluctant at first, but realized T would
fall to Alamie if something wasn't done. so agreed. Guilder readily
aggreed, since he would loose nothing and gain alot (at the time he
thought so). and WIT agreed. T was split up by Avan, after driving off
Alamie, and Tour's Hold, Alamsreft, and Haesrien were given to Guilder.
Ghonallison, Monsedge, and Pechalinn were given to Wiz. and
Elevesnemiere, Nabhriene, and a province combined from Nentril and
A???(can't remember the name) from Avanil given to WIT. all become
vassals to Avan and Avan rejoices b/c he has now gained much power.
why no Khorien? b/c at same time Duchess was assasinated, Rhoubhe
Manslayer cast Warding Wall (from Netbook) and covered all of Taeghas
except prov of Brosien in that spell for a total period of 1year.
no-one escapes as battles rage inside there, humans being slaugtered
from Ghellie Shidie(sp). this was all DM-controled, PCs didn't even try
to prevent or deter any of this. so i declared that when the wall
dissapated, Taeghas was no more, and was under the rule of Manslayer,
vast majority of humans dead and all provinces no more than 1 and a few
at 0, to make way for elven expansion. one other thing: at the excact
time the warding fell, Rhoubhe had captured and tortured Khorien, until
he gave way and Manslayer was able to Elven Investitiure all of
Khorien's holdings into himself, INCLUDING KHORIEN'S SOURCES IN AVANIL!
wicked, no? i have jumped ahead a bit, since this is where we are all
at. let me continue with the other areas of Anuire:
Osoerde is still ruled by Raenech, but Moergan is still out there.
Oesoerde invaded full-force into Arenwe, but just as they were winning,
they retreated (PCs don't know why, but Ghoere, who is allied/commander
of Osoerde told him to draw back and give his forces to an invasion of
Roesone, since it was more dangerous. that is where time is at now, but
i think Roesone will most likely fall.
Markazor invaded Elinie, some success, but Elinie responded with
invasion of S. Markazor w/ help from unknowns. both invasions were
called off, and time has passed. but Markazor just invaded Elinie
full-force, and with some surprise and has now almost fallen. An NPC
named Arvin Flaertes (more on him later) is organizing a resistance and
allyship with Taurhievel (a PC), Mhoried, Militant Order, Ghoere,
Haelyn's Aegis, remainder of Elinie, Life and Protection of Avanalae, a
couple of Guilds in the region that i can't remeber their names, Regien
Mage of Mhoried, the Sword Mage, Osoerde, CSH, Coeranys, Baruk-Azik(sp),
and the Sielwode (thru Taurhievel) to all invade Markazor and reclaim
Elinie. lots of death, right? well, all of that mass-death opens a
rift to Shadow World during that winter in Elinie, and swarms of undead
and other nasties come out to ravage mostly the Elinie Reclaimation
Allaince, since they had won most of it back. after a long year, Elinie
has been reclaimed, and the Shadow Gates only opening up rarely now, and
in addittion to claiming lands of Elinie, also the three southern most
provinces of Markazor have been securly taken and given to Elinie (much
to Ghoere and Osoerde's dislike, so Elinie now has 10 prov's and one
other addittion to Elinie is that the priests and church of Rournil's
Celestial Spell, which had been removed from those conquered lands they
orionally were in (Medoere) have now moved in to Elinie, and are now
working with the Life and Protection of Avanalae. in a surprise move,
the regent of Elinie abdicated his newly-recovered throne to both
churches, so noe Elinie is a theocracy of two faiths working together:
Rournil and Avanalae, with some conflicts between the two b/c of that
whole chaotic vs law religious conflicts, but working out fairly well.
i am still trying to decide how a bi-theocracy can exist in game terms,
but i will work it out.
as for the rest of the Western Coast, i have taken alot from Darkstar's
PBeM, since i think that what has happened there is OK for my BR world.
so Bannier Andien is official guild of Talinie, Rjuvik, and expanding,
but one throw-in of mine is that Bireon of Cariele has now expanding
into Taelshore putting all of her efforts into that, since she is
loosing alot in northern anuire, more on that later. so Andien is
having difficulty and loosing in a few places to her. the Rjurik
Alliance invaded the Siren, unsuccessfully. took Dantier Island from
her, though. and much of the intriuge and happenings there in
Darkstar's is also happening in mine. Rjuvik is now controlled by Lady
Dagmar, a priestess of Eo'le(sp) :) and basically, the Rjurik Taelshore
is now filled with evil, corrupt, evil, greedy, and evil regents and
people. the other lands of Rjurik look upon this as VERY bad, and
something may happen soon.
Cariele was spontaneously invaded by the regent of Tuarhievel (a PC) and
may have successfully defended if not for two other guilders removing
her slowly but stedily from the rest of Anuire (the Guilder from Tournen
and Guilder Kalien-an NPC), so she was loosing the fight. she would
have an ally with some of the other realms, but she had done a couple of
things to alienate herself from them (trying to take Torien's Watch from
Mhoried, and had previously invaded Thurazor, cased trouble in Dhoesone,
and defied duke Alam's laws. so until it was too late, no nation helped
her. but she still put up a good fight. BTW, she usurped the throne of
Cariele from the former regent. he disappeared. after some long
campaigning, Tuarhievel took those three provs and now designate them as
purly human lands, where the human s can live as before w/o much elven
intervention. now using Cariele as trading ports for humans, she (the
regent of Tuar.) has set about removing all humans and sign of them from
the rest of Tuar.
and as for Dhoesone: remember the assassination of Duchess of Tournen?
well, many other assasinations excactly like that happened in many
places to many people at the same time. the victims:
*Duchess of Tournen: died
*Guilder Kalien: survived
*Guilder from Tournen: survived
*Queen of Tuarhievel (PC's mother): died (this is how the current queen
came to the Thorn Throne
*Princess of Tuarhievel (now regent):survived
*Regent of Dhoesone: died
more on who did this later.
but when the regent of Dhoesone died, she did not have an heir, and her
realm fell apart. the new Queen of Tuar is claiming the forested provs
and the monsters from the Giantdowns invaded and are taking the rest.
strangly, the monsters are not trying to invade the provinces taken by
Queen of Tuar. this is because that awnshegh, Ghuralli(sp), who has
succeeded in forming a (loose) realm out of the giant downs has a
master....the Gorgon, of course. yep, the giantdowns have been secretly
added to the list of vassals of the Gorgon, and the gorgon has
instructed him not to mess with Tuar for now, letting them rest for a
while during which the gorgon is watching this new ruler of Tuar to see
if there is a way he can bring Tuar down quickly w/as little army loss
as possible. he is rankling over his loss of Markazor.
back to Tuar. and Markazor: Tuarhievel has spoken with Sielewode and
convinced them to invade markazor. the Emerald Queen understands that
humans are involved in this invasion, but has made it clear that she
does not wish to deal or communicate with them, so she will work
seperatly from them, but still invade, since she sees that it would
benefit her greatly in the long run if Markazor were taken out. so the
Elinie Reclaimation Allaince has agreed that if the Sielewode were to
put enough effort into it, that the Emerald Queen may take the
reamaining four provs of Markazor for herself, increasing the size of
Sielewode and with the help of Tuar is setting about holding and
fortifying it. the Gorgon's goblins were very hard to remove, and it
took ALOT of money for troops until they were disorganized enough to
allow capturing of the provs. the Gorgon has sent in few extra troops
to aid in the defense, he is saving them for something more inmportant.
but he sent in many Realm and Battle-spell casting wizards and dark
as for those assasinations: who do you think done it? if you are
interested, contact me, since i can't send it out over this list since a
player of mine is subscribed and lurking out there somewhere :)

i hope that this has provided some neat ideas for people, and what i
could really use are some similar happenings from other players or DMs.
anything could help me with my campaign, to make it more alive and

- --
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