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    DURKS 95


    I just have some questions on the Dwarven units. My group that I play with has
    mostly used the old Battlesytems rules and we made dwarves 4 HD warriors. You
    can imagine how shocked i was to see how wussy the units are on warcards when
    I sat down to play the BR computer game. Anyway, I was wondering... with war
    card values like these it's no wonder the Orogs are starting to beat the
    dwarves a baruk-azhik. Heck the one's on darkstars page could take out a
    couple dwarves a piece probably. Am I just insane or does anyone else think
    the dwarven units should be tougher???


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    On 08-Jan-98, DURKS 95 ( wrote about [BIRTHRIGHT] - Dwarves:
    - ->I just have some questions on the Dwarven units. Anyway, I was wondering...

    - ->with war card values like these it's no wonder the Orogs are starting to
    - ->tha dwarves a baruk-azhik. Am I just insane or does anyone else think
    - ->the dwarven units should be tougher???

    Yeah, sure... if all the other units would become tougher. Don't forget that
    dwarves does only take half damage of clubs and similare weapons, I have to
    admit that the card system don't give the dwarves this benefit, but you could
    always use a dice when dwarves battles a unit with uses such wapons, on even
    rolls the dwarves do not take any damage.
    I'm sorry but I have to say you are insane :)

    //Trizt of Ward^RITE


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    Ya the Dwarves of Cerilia are majorly missing some mussle especially in the
    computer game unless your talking about the adventuring part then there tough.

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    Actually, the dwarves are probably right the way they are. Dwarves
    certainly have advantages in a stand-up battle, and a good DM will
    interpret the die rolls to reflect that. But a look at the cards shows
    that have most of that on there. Dwarves ignore "R" and "F" results
    caused by magic. Regular Dwarven infantry is Melee 3, Defense 4, Morale
    2, and Move 1. Regular Human infantry is the same but with Defense 3.
    Orog regualrs likewise. The magic resistance and superior defense is
    important. Rember the slow rate of dwarven movement is a battlefield
    liability. Especially against irregular or light troops. Dwarves are
    heavy infantry, indeed, the heaviest. Heavy infantry is best at defense
    of a key point, say mountain passes, or tunnels. In the open, say on the
    fields of Kiergard, Dwarves will find themselves flanked more often, find
    their adversaries moving to the best ground first, and finding them
    running off without the ability to pursue. Pursuit is the key to
    inflicting casualties, then and now. I think the Dwarf Guards reflects
    this situation. With a defense of 5, they are difficult to dislodge, and
    magic won't help. But with their low mobility, an attack of 3 is just
    about right.

    Take note that one of the best units in the system is the Dwarven
    Crossbow. Missile 4 and Defense 4 is unbeatable.

    Kenneth Gauck

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    In some sences your right but the elven archers are better Missile 5 Defence
    they rarely loose against dwarven crossbows and the elves move alot faster.

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    DURKS 95


    In a message dated 1/12/98 10:28:05 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:


    Thanks for the input on the dwarves.. since I've never really used warcards
    teh only experience I've had with the has been in the computer game in which
    they sometimes just don't compare.


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    Kev McW


    >On Mon, 13 Apr 1998 07:37:20 +1000 RUSHTON Nathaniel
    > writes:
    >>Brett Lang wrote:
    >> They are detailed in the Dwarves Deep supplement, and like
    >>always it only
    >> talks of the demi-human / human cross-breed.
    >Hmmm. What is the Dwarves Deep supplement? I've not heard of that one.
    >FR material?

    Dwarves Deep is a Realms compedium

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