Our most gracious host has asked that I post a message to you about MPG-Net

MPG-Net would like to announce the availability of a Free version of the
Award winning Online Role Playing game, the Kingdom of Drakkar.

Wanted to try MPG-Net but didn't want to use your credit card? Now you
can, MPG-Net has created a special web browser plug in that you can
download and install and play in a limited version of the game. The full
game has many more areas to explore and you get all the other MPG-Net games
and services.

To check out that completely FREE and no obligation, go to the page:


And download the plug in. You will need IE or Netscape versions 3.0 or
later to use this plug in. All you need to do after installing the plugin
to play, is to return to the page and put in an email address for us to
email you your account number and password and within minutes you will be
playing the most successful online, massive multi-player, persistent world
game on the Internet.

Admin note: The list is still somewhat backed up. I am getting a lot of
deferred sites and it is backing things up. I am trying to get more
resources to fix the problem.