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Thread: Old Gods

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    Tim Nutting

    Old Gods

    In the times before Deismar how prevalent were the old gods? I get the
    impression that the battle at Deismar was not the first time that those
    gods had violated what appears to be sacred rules in other Prime aspects
    and actually placed their essences on the Prime Material.

    Is this true? Did Anduiras and Basaïa and Azrai and the rest really walk
    amongst their peoples?

    Just like some input for campaign stories about old myths to tell to
    players and things that folks like Tarnzim the Grey might know (I'm using
    him - thanks Rich!)

    Tim Nutting

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    Old Gods

    There is no reason to suppose the Old Gods didn't. Many of our own Earth
    cultures beleived their gods walked among them. Some examples include:

    Genisis 3:8-10 The man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God
    walking about in the garden at the time of the evening breeze, and they
    hid from him among the trees. The Lord God called to the man, "Where are
    you?" He replied, "I heard the sound of you in the garden and I was
    afraid because I was naked, so I hid."

    Iliad 1:222-235 [Agamemnon has finished his diatribe against Achilles,
    "You are nothing to me"] and anguish gripped Achilles. The heart in his
    chest was pounding, torn . . . Should he draw the long sharp sword slung
    at his hip, thrust through the ranks and kill Agamemnon now? - or check
    his rage and beat his fury down? As his racing spirit veered back and
    forth, just as he drew his huge blade from its sheath, down from the
    vaulting heavens sped Athena, the white-armed goddess, Hera, sped her
    down: Hera loved both men and cared for both alike. Rearing behind him
    Pallas seized his fiery hair- only Achilles saw her, none of the other
    fighters- struck with wonder he spun around, he knew her at once, Pallas

    Moses encounters his god at a burning bush, on top of a mountain, &c.
    Jupiter seduces how many women and boys? Remember that the hero's of
    classical mythology are often semi-divine.

    I think that many campaigns put the gods in a position where they do not
    walk the earth because refereeing the divine can be very difficult.
    Indroducing higher powers into play can only be done if the DM had strong
    guidelines to prevent unbalancing his campaign. In general encounters
    with divinities should fall into two catagories: 1) players only realize
    they encountered a divinity after the encounter has ended (such as the
    encounter provided with Milos the carpenter in the Age of Heroes sup) or
    2) the divinity only provides information or advice. Any deviation from
    this should be heavily scripted, with little possibility of the players
    getting control of the situation.

    Kenneth Gauck

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