> No Belinik and Kriesha wouldn't spend power granting spells to Azrai's
> priests. More likely they would do all possible to root out an absent but
> rival God. If Azrai in any form really gives power to priests then there
> may be somekind of an agreement between him and Belinik and Kriesha.

I may be committing a huge gaff here, but what the hell.

Anyone an old player of the Forgotten Realms and 1st edition? Remember
during the transition from 1st ed to 2nd ed the designers put together this
"Time of Troubles" that solved all the changes for their world. Several
old gods died and humans rose to take their places, though it was hugely
dissimilar to the methods and madness that occured at Deismar on our
beloved Cerilia (and much more playable BTW).

For an undisclosed amount of time Cyric, the human who had taken the place
of 3 (!) gods granted powers to those who still worshipped the Bane, Myrkul
and the other guy - sorry, it's been a long time.

Point being: Kreisha and Belinik could still be gaining power from Azrai
worshippers who follow the portfolio bits that they picked up. They could
still (as they wished) grant spells to followers. Also, I don't believe
that time is an issue. A god is immortal in the truest sense of the word
(in 2nd edition) and time can be meaningless. In FR the "special
dispensation" ceased a few years later. In my mind this was for
playability. Birthright has no such restriction on time limited
playability respective to Deismar, so K and B could still very well do
whatever they wished to Azrai's old worshippers.

Ultimately this is the DMs decision, of course, but also keep in mind that
the Cold Rider (who's origin in unknown and was discovered mere years after
Azrai's deth - coincidence?) is also rated as a demigod, and it could grant
spells as well, did he/she/it pick up some of Azrai's portfolio also?
Again DMs call as Ed Stark pointed out earlier.

Azrai is alive and kicking, the catalclysm DID NOT kill him, but hut him
VERY badly, perhpas to a point that a person could find and destroy what
remains. Why? Read Planescape's "On Hallowed Ground" - the
"comprehensive" list of dead gods in published product includes Aebyrnis'
gods but that description neatly avoids saying in any way that Azrai is
among the dead (either its a neat trick or a word game)

Later All