> 3) I somehow don't think the Serpent is powerful enough to grant spells
> himself..Maybe with a blood power over 100 he could, but his is way too
> IMO. Either he has some artifact that lets him do so. Maybe one with the
> trapped souls of the Masetians inside. Or he has some sort of deal with a
> Demon Lord or somesuch.

This is about the Serpent's godly abilities.

I like the last bit here allot! Perhaps a Devil Lord like Asmodeus might
be a bit better (oops - a "Lord of the Nine" - sorry), Demons (Tanar'ri)
are Chaotic, Devils (The Baatezu) are Lawful, and the Serpent is really

Only a few things that I could find in the game on becoming a god from a PC
status, and none take into acount such things as the semi-divine

First, Skip William's "DM's Option: High Level Campaigns" talks about how
a PC must advance to 30th level and have a godly sponsor to achieve the
status of Demigod. It is a loooong process and incredibly difficult, and
the PC becomes an instant NPC is successful (too bad)

Second, only possible in 1st edition. Kill the god, take its power. (yeah,

So our other opiton that I've not seen yet is that the Serpent (who's level
is undisclosed) has started to breech the veils between the Prime and is
tapping an Outer Plane similar to himself and his alignment, either
Baator/The 9 Hells or perhaps Gehenna. If this is the case then he has
allready started down the long road of godhood. What about the patron
power? Hrmmm that pesky little bloodline thing might just be enough to
counter ballance?